From traveling to other countries to leading a research group, experiences in education can be found in every corner of Carlow University and beyond. Experiential learning enhances education by encouraging creativity and critical thinking, enriching global perspectives, addressing human and community needs, developing skills in team-building, collaboration and effective leadership, and learning through supervised career-related work.

The Center for Global Engagement at Carlow, located in University Commons, offers five areas of opportunities for students to learn outside the classroom:

  • Helps you be a more successful student who earns higher grades and graduates
  • Helps you transform classroom knowledge into knowledge-in-use
  • Helps you become more experienced and better prepared to succeed in the workplace, in graduate or professional studies, and in your community
  • Helps you graduate as a career-ready, ethical leader
  • Can make you more competitive on the job market and more successful at advancing your career once employed
A group of Carlow students paint the a building called the Corner as part of their service learning project.