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At Carlow University, international students are those who are not residents of the United States and want to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree. Get started anytime by following the steps to apply.

Enrollment requirements

If you are admitted to Carlow University, you will need to submit the following financial documents before entering. They are not necessary for an admissions decision.

  • Notarized Affidavit of Support: Each affidavit must be submitted in its original form; copies will not be accepted. View or download the Affidavit of Support Form [pdf].
  • Official Bank or Employer’s Statement: All affidavits of support must be accompanied by an official/notarized bank or employer’s statement and must show evidence that the amount pledged is available. If a student has more than one sponsor, each sponsor must submit a Carlow notarized affidavit with an accompanying statement. Bank statements should be no older than six months.

Attendance requirements

Once you have confirmed your decision to attend Carlow University and arrive in the United States, you must report to the university and submit the following:

  • Copy of Visa
  • Copy of I-94 (both front and back)

Contact Admissions

Once you inquire or apply, you will be assigned an enrollment counselor to help guide you through the enrollment process.

Accessibility accommodations are available (submit a request).

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