Carlow University juniors and seniors in math, chemistry or biology programs can get up to $11,000 in an annual scholarship funded by the National Science Foundation. The Carlow Noyce Scholar Program also offers up to $18,000 for graduate students pursuing teaching certification.

The program aims to increase the number of highly qualified middle and high school STEM educators. Carlow Noyce Scholars will be well prepared for teaching careers in biology, chemistry or mathematics with experiential learning opportunities and an emphasis on computational thinking. 

Deadline for an August start is June 30; deadline for a January start is Dec. 15.

  • Participants must agree to teach two years in a high-need school district for every year of funding received.
  • Recipients must take part in professional development activities as guest speakers, workshop presenters or mentors. 
  • Recipients must obtain Pennsylvania teacher certification at the completion of the program.
  • Recipients must agree to evaluations and ongoing mentorship and provide proof of employment.
Carlow Noyce Scholarship students wearing lab coats look at pink liquid in a flask.

Once you inquire or apply, you will be assigned an enrollment counselor who will help guide you through the enrollment process.

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