Our inaugural Carlow Impact Series event,
“Solutions for a More Sustainable World,” took place on February 26, 2024.
Watch the replay and uncover all the insights below.

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Carlow Impact Series takes on some of our world’s greatest challenges and explores regional approaches toward addressing them.

This exclusive gathering brought together top global visionaries and local leaders in the field of sustainability to explore powerful transformative actions. The event featured an interactive conversation led by President Dr. Kathy Humphrey (Ph.D.) and included the following participants:

Dr. Kathy Humphrey (Ph.D.)

Dr. Kathy Humphrey (Ph.D.) - Dr. Kathy Wilson Humphrey, (Ph.D.) is the 11th president of Carlow University. With more than 35 years in higher education, she is revered as an inspirational and visionary leader with a wealth of experience in planning and budgeting; community engagement; diversity, equity and inclusion; and board management. Dr. Humphrey embraces Carlow’s Mercy heritage and longstanding commitment to social justice as the key to positively impacting and transforming generations of lives. Dr. Humphrey’s lifelong career has been devoted to providing students with strong academic foundations, experiential learning opportunities and wrap-around services that support their growth, development and independence to serve as good citizens and contributors to society.

Sara Innamorato

Sara Innamorato - Allegheny County Executive Sara Innamorato is the first woman elected in the county’s highest elected office. Prior to being sworn in as county executive on January 2, she served in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, where she introduced dozens of bills leading the effort to secure environmental protection.

John Fernández

John Fernández - John E. Fernández is a professor of the Building Technology Program in the Department of Architecture at MIT and a practicing architect. Fernández founded and directs the MIT Urban Metabolism Group, a highly multidisciplinary research group focused on the resource intensity of cities and design and technology pathways for future urbanization. He is Chair of Sustainable Urban Systems for the International Society of Industrial Ecology and Associate Editor of the journal Sustainable Cities and Society. He also served as a member of the Research Committee of the United States Green Building Council.

Erin Mallea

Erin Mallea – Erin Mallea is a multidisciplinary artist and Assistant Professor of Art at Penn State, whose solo exhibit, Permissible Dose, investigates visual, auditory, and olfactory experiences of living in proximity to industrial pollution. Her process is grounded in place-based research and partnerships with individuals, community groups and institutions outside of traditional art spaces: biologists, historians, neighbors, community radio, environmental justice activists and more.

Susan O’Rourke

Susan O’Rourke - Susan O’Rourke is a professor of education at Carlow University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is the co-leader for the Carlow Cares: Sligo, Ireland and Carlow Cares: Jamaica Study Abroad Programs. She has collaborated with special education professionals and provided professional development to teachers and school administrators in Cuba, Peru, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Latvia, Kuwait, Trinidad & Tobago, Israel, Palestine, Portugal, Malaysia, Russia and Uganda.

Dr. Jennifer Roth (Ph.D.)

Dr. Jennifer Roth (Ph.D.) - Dr. Jennifer Roth is a Carlow University Professor of Psychology whose work as Vice President of the US Blind Tennis Association is rooted in equity and social justice. She works to resolve the sustainability issues while growing the sport of BVI Tennis (Blind and low vision) throughout the U.S. The goal is to have more athletes with low and no vision enjoy greater successes in sport, leading to greater sustainability of those sports.