At Carlow University, traditional undergraduate transfer students are those transferring from another college or university who earned a high school diploma four years ago or less. Get started anytime by following the steps to apply.

  1. Complete application: Create Bridge to Carlow account, fill out an application, ensure transcripts are sent.
  2. Receive admissions decision: Carlow operates on rolling admissions. You can check your admissions status through Bridge to Carlow. You can generally expect an admissions decision within two weeks after your application has been completed. 
  3. Confirm intent to enroll: After acceptance, log into Bridge to Carlow and submit the enrollment reply form to secure your spot at Carlow.
  4. Register for classes: You will meet with the student success coordinator to review your transfer credit evaluation and establish your course schedule for your first semester. 

The transfer credit evaluation will outline which curricular requirements at Carlow have been satisfied by transfer credit, and will identify what is still necessary to complete your degree. During the evaluation process, you may be asked to supply a syllabus from certain courses. Your credit evaluation will be conducted once all final official transcripts are received and you have registered for classes.

Students from Community College of Allegheny County who transferred to Carlow before earning their associate’s degree may be able to use Carlow credits toward the degree. CCAC will review your Carlow transcript to see what courses can be transferred back. Credits from both schools are combined to fulfill the associate’s degree requirements at CCAC.


  • Must be currently enrolled and have completed at least 12 credits at Carlow
  • Must have earned at least 30 credits at CCAC before transfer to Carlow (Students seeking a CCAC associate’s degree in Liberal Studies or General Studies can qualify with only 21 credits)
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Transferring from community colleges in Pennsylvania

Carlow participates in the Pennsylvania Transfer and Articulation Center (PA TRAC), which aims to facilitate credit transfers among participating educational institutions, including all community colleges in Pennsylvania.

Quick Facts

  • Carlow accepts all associate degree credits earned with a “C,” up to a maximum of 90 credits
  • Community college graduates can enter Carlow as juniors and have at least 60 transfer credits in an approved curriculum
  • Community college graduates must have at least a 2.0 GPA and must meet all other admission and eligibility requirements. Carlow has sole discretion in admissions decisions. Your GPA is used only to make admissions decisions. The courses themselves transfer, but the grades do not.
  • Specific course requirements must be fulfilled as stipulated in each academic program’s curriculum

Transfer Credit Tool (PA TRAC only)

You can see what courses are equivalent to Carlow courses through PA TRAC by using the tool below.

Your success is important to us. We offer resources and support for our traditional undergraduate transfer students that include:

  • Tutoring, academic coaching and advising
  • Financial aid, student accounts & registration assistance
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Health & wellness services
  • Accessibility accommodations

Once you inquire or apply, you will be assigned an enrollment counselor to help guide you through the enrollment process.

Accessibility accommodations are available (submit a request).

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