Click here to view the Cost of Attendance for traditional undergraduate students attending full time, including direct costs and indirect expenses.

Course charges for full-time and part-time traditional undergraduate students

Full-time enrollmentPer semesterTwo semesters
Tuition (12-18 credits)*$17,273$34,546
University fee$257$514
Activity fee$143$286
Technology fee$130$260
Health & Wellness fee$65$130
Transportation fee$69$138
Undergraduate credits over 18 (per credit)$1,099
Food (3 meal plan options available)$3,342$6,684
Double room$3,563$7,124
Single room$5,544$11,088
Triple room with bath$3,917$7,834
*Full-Time Tuition Cost ($34,546.00) X number of years to complete program (4) = $138,184.00 / total number of semester hours to complete program (120) = cost per hour ($1,151.53).

Part-time enrollment (1-11 credits)Per credit
Tuition – undergraduate credits in Fall or Spring semester$1,099
Tuition – all undergraduate credits in Summer$806
Tuition – EXP250: (1 or 2 credits Summer only)$250
Tuition – undergraduate students taking graduate-level credits$1,132
University fee$19

Course charges for adult undergraduate and graduate students

Miscellaneous fees (applicable to all students)

Tuition Payment Plan fee$35
Employer Deferred Payment Plan fee$50
Graduation fee$150
NSF and returned checks (each)$35
Official transcripts (each)$10
Replacement Diploma fee$25
Transportation fee (Fall/Spring)$60

DescriptionPer credit
Tuition: Bachelor’s degree programs (undergraduate or graduate credits)$806
Tuition: Doctoral$1,192
Tuition: Doctorate in Education$650
Tuition: Early Childhood Education & Early Development & Learning Degree Completion$495
Tuition: Early Childhood Education & Early Development and Learning Apprenticeship$322
Tuition: Education Masters: All students Beginning FA20$600
Tuition: Master’s Price when not listed in T&F schedule$1,015
Tuition: MFA$1,192
Tuition: MSW$650
Tuition: AS-Neurodiagnostic Technology$395
Tuition: Nurse Practitioner$918
Tuition: Occupational Therapy (MSOT & OTD)$950
Tuition: Perfusion master’s credits$1,192
Tuition: Physician Assistant$978
Tuition: Physical Therapy$950
Tuition: Practical Nurse Certificate$559
Tuition: AS-Respiratory Therapy$450
Tuition: Second Degree Nursing$695
Tuition: Speech Language Pathology$978
Tuition: AS-Surgical Technology$395
Tuition Graduate Certificates: cost of masters credits with which certificate alignsVaries
Tuition: College in High School per credit$75
University fee$19

*Refer to website for specific online program tuition not found on T&F schedule*

Other miscellaneous fees

Adobe Software Fee$75
Adult/Masters/Doc Health & Wellness fee$65
Challenged course (per UG credit)$232
Challenged course (per GR credit)$242
Clinical make-up fee (per hour)$25
Course audit (per UG credit)$844
Course audit (per GR credit)$844
Employer Deferred Payment Plan Fee$50
ExamSoft (TRAD and Second Degree Nursing Fall/Spring ea.) $$49
Graduation Fee$150
Graduate Student Activity Fee (Fall/Spring ea.)$50
NSF and returned checks (each)$35
Official Transcripts (each)$10
Portfolio: (per credit awarded)$99
Replacement Diploma Fee$25
Residency Fee – Travel CoursesTBD
Transportation Fee (Fall/Spring ea.)$69
Tuition Payment Plan$35
Student Professional Liability Insurance Fee (per select courses)$11

Placeholding deposit

Reserves a place in the cohort, payable at the time a new student accepts their offer of admission.

New traditional first-year students*$200
New PsyD students*$250
New Physician Assistant students*$1,000
New SLP, OT, and DPT students*$500
New EdD Students*$150
*Credited to the new student’s tuition account for the first semester of enrollment (non-refundable)

Upperclassman room holding deposit

Reserves a specific room and will be deducted from the spring semester bill. Only applicable for current students.

Double & triple$100

The University reserves the right to modify these charges at any time.
All charges are due in full before classes begin unless other arrangements are made with Student Accounts office.
Charges and financial aid may change when a registration is amended.

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