Unlock the power of data with a Bachelor’s Degree in Data Analytics

You will acquire the skills needed for a high demand field with a data analyst degree from Carlow University. This interdisciplinary program cultivates both real-world data analysis skills and critical soft skills like interpersonal communication and data storytelling. 

Google and LinkedIn name data analysis as one of the top skills sought in potential employees. In this program, you will build critical thinking, analytical and business skills, supplemented with courses in mathematics, statistics and computer programming. 

While you will master data interpretation and gain the foundation needed to help lead an organization on the path to growth, you will also learn to communicate your research and findings: Being able to explain research and findings is just as important as the research methods.

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Bachelor of Science


On campus, some online



Transfer credits:

Up to 90 credits

Data analyst degree curriculum

The curriculum will enable you to master analytics competencies that are highly in demand, including linear algebra, statistics, database management and data science, and data applications such as SQL, Power BI, Python and R. You will learn how to access, clean and analyze data sets and use data ethically and responsibly. 

Computer labs are equipped with industry-standard software. Class size averages eight to 10 students. In Carlow’s Center for Statistics and Data Analytics, you can work on projects that help Pittsburgh-area nonprofits.

Quick facts

  • Master in-demand analytics competencies
  • Learn essential data analytics applications
  • Cultivate soft skills to explain analysis in a meaningful, easy-to-understand way

Alternate degree completion option


Fast track your way to a master’s by taking graduate courses as an undergraduate student. Course credits count toward both degrees. Apply for the accelerated option after your sophomore year.

Career opportunities for data analysts

With a Data Analytics degree, you’ll find a wide number of career opportunities, including market analyst, market researcher, information technology specialist and statistician, in business or the nonprofit sector. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, employment for market research analysts is slated to increase 18% from 2019 to 2029, largely driven by increased data use and more industries using market research.

Admission requirements and application process

  • Submit an application for admission. It is free to apply.
  • Request that official transcripts from all current and previous institutions you’ve attended are sent directly to the Carlow University Office of Admissions.

You can receive up to $10,000 per year through our C-STEM Scholars program.



Start terms:

Fall, Spring & Summer

Why Storytelling is a Critical Data Analytics Skill

Data storytelling is a way to communicate insights using a combination of data, visuals, and narrative. Data analysts extract patterns and through storytelling, they can convey information that helps with decision-making.

Why Predictive Analytics is Important Now

The importance of predictive data analytics is visible from its use in the financial, healthcare, retail and manufacturing industries resulting in improved performance and well-informed fact-based decision making.

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