Study the various forms of crisis and trauma situations and how to support those in distress through this interdisciplinary minor with Psychology and Social Work. With a minor in Crisis and Trauma, you will focus on crisis situations that may be personal, such as death or assault or community-wide events such as natural disasters or threats to public health.

You will learn about the types of trauma, including acute, chronic and complex trauma as well as vicious or secondary trauma. You will gain an understanding of the physical, psychological and emotional symptoms of traumatic experiences to become better informed and ultimately a more competent professional in your career field of choice.

The minor in Crisis and Trauma is offered to students who are not majoring in Psychology or Social Work. The coursework introduces students to the field of psychological trauma, different forms of abuse and violence, trauma responses and symptoms, and available treatment options and resources.

Elective courses include Psychology courses focused on children and on women, family counseling, substance abuse counseling, parenting, and death and dying.

This minor requires 18 credits.

Notable courses include:

● The Impact of Trauma
● Crisis Intervention
● Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment
● Intimate Partner Violence

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