Earn a Behavioral Neuroscience degree in the neuropsychology track

The neuropsychology program will give you new insights into how the brain thinks, reasons, formulates and processes. 

You will be prepared to work in neuropsychology and clinical psychology, where neuropsychological assessments are an important part of clinical work. With the behavioral neuroscience degree, you will gain knowledge of the biological and physiological mechanisms that drive the nervous system and better understand the relationship between the brain and behavior. 

The Behavioral Neuroscience major is an interdisciplinary program that builds on the strengths of Carlow University’s biology, psychology and chemistry programs.  

A behavioral neuroscience professor instructs a class of students. One student is in the middle using a neuroscience monitor.

Bachelor of Science


On campus, some online



Transfer credits:

Up to 90 credits

Carlow’s neuroscience program allows undergraduates to take courses in neuropsychology as well as to learn under scholar-practitioners. The curriculum includes a genetics course in which students investigate the maintenance, inheritance, transfer and expression of genetic information at the molecular, cellular, organismal and population levels. The cognitive psychology course explores its basic concepts and contemporary topics, such as will perception, attention, pattern recognition, consciousness, memory, the representation of knowledge, language, cognitive development, thinking and artificial intelligence.

Quick facts

  • Gain hands-on learning experiences
  • Leverage Carlow’s relationships with nearby research centers 
  • Be prepared for graduate work in psychology and neuropsychology
  • Start taking Master’s courses as an undergraduate and earn a graduate degree faster for less money
A neuroscience anatomy model, primarily of the head.

3-Year Degree

Finish your bachelor’s degree in three years by following a 3-year academic plan. Courses are taken across fall, spring and summer terms with summer courses completely online. When applying, indicate your interest in the 3-Year Degree option.


Fast track your way to a master’s by taking graduate courses as an undergraduate student. Course credits count toward both degrees. Apply for the accelerated option after your sophomore year.

Career opportunities for neuropsychology

Graduates often find jobs assisting in mental health settings, such as psychiatric technicians. They also prepare for training that can ultimately lead to a career in clinical psychology.

Jobs in this profession are expected to grow about 3% from 2019 to 2029, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Submit an application for admission. It is free to apply.
  • Request that official transcripts from all current and previous institutions you’ve attended are sent directly to the Carlow University Office of Admissions.


Start terms:

Fall, Spring & Summer

If you are interested in this major, our Admissions team is available to help you with the next steps, including scheduling an on-campus visit or attending an upcoming event.

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