The Information Technology Management minor can be added from any of Carlow University’s disciplines. With IT becoming an integral part of most future careers, this minor will enhance your studies and prepare you for technical functions in a variety of workplaces.

The IT Management minor will provide you with the basic mechanics of information technology used in today’s technology-oriented work environments. You will gain knowledge in a variety of IT areas such as programming, database, information security and web design.

This minor is open to any major. A minimum of 18 credits is required.

Required courses include:

  • Information Technology I
  • Foundations of Programming
  • Web Design
  • Database Management Systems
  • Information Security
  • Accounting Information Systems or Human Resource Information Systems Management I

Accounting, Forensic Accounting and Human Resource Management majors can, in consultation with their advisor, opt for an ITM minor concentrating in database management.

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