Understand the power of media with a Bachelor’s in Communication Digital Media degree

From marketing to grassroots social movements, a well-crafted message is key. With a Digital Media degree from Carlow University, you will learn the art of strategic messaging and its place in the big picture.

You will learn to develop and critique messages and hone the skills needed for written, oral and digital communication, as well as gain experience in marketing, social media and public relations. 

With an emphasis on social justice, the Digital Media degree builds a strong foundation in strategic communication for advocacy, boosting the well-being of marginalized groups. You will learn how to develop digital stories about critical issues, including gender and racial equity, immigration, and public health.

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Bachelor of Arts


On campus, some online



Transfer credits:

Up to 90 credits

Media studies major curriculum 

You will master the elements and software of digital media to deliver your message clearly, concisely and widely through courses such as Digital Storytelling, Mass Media Society and Communication Ethics.

With an emphasis on social justice, the Digital Media degree provides the opportunity to engage with interest-specific coursework and extracurricular activities. 

Additional hands-on experience is available on campus. Through the Youth Media Advocacy Project, you can work with middle and high school students to develop communication advocacy campaigns. You can also get involved with “The Carlow Chronicle,” a student-run newspaper, and its sister podcast, as well as a webcast. 

Quick facts

  • Develop and employ strategic communication for advocacy
  • Grow your understanding of critical issues such as gender, race and class
  • Explore digital media and what it takes to create a digital message
  • Refine your communication skills in the Youth Media Advocacy Project or the student-run newspaper

Alternate degree completion options

3-Year Degree

Finish your bachelor’s degree in three years by following a 3-year academic plan. Courses are taken across fall, spring and summer terms with summer courses completely online. When applying, indicate your interest in the 3-Year Degree option.


Fast track your way to a master’s by taking graduate courses as an undergraduate student. Course credits count toward both degrees. Apply for the accelerated option after your sophomore year.

Career opportunities for Digital Media 

Armed with a digital media degree, you’ll find a wide range of career opportunities, including advertising, public relations, and sports and other media.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, though employment for writers and authors is expected to decline 2% from 2019 to 2029, employment for public relations managers is expected to grow 9%.

Admission requirements and application process 

  • Submit an application for admission. It is free to apply.
  • Request that official transcripts from all current and previous institutions you’ve attended are sent directly to the Carlow University Office of Admissions.


Start terms:

Fall, Spring & Summer

2021 Carlow Laureate Chanessa Schuler.

Find your voice.

Carlow Young Laureate Chanessa Schuler appreciated how the university’s Youth Media Advocacy Projects helped her reach a fulfilling career in media. “What I learned about Carlow is that it is very much connected to the outside community. I appreciated that the school saw me for who I was and not just as a student, that I was part of a larger institution and that I mattered.”

Read Chanessa’s story

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