Students who study abroad have higher GPAs, graduate at higher rates and receive more job offers.*

Widen your perspective of the world through Carlow’s study abroad program. The programs last from a week to as long as a year and are Carlow-created, university-sponsored or provided by a third party.

Financing opportunities are available.

Kristin in front of a statue in Rome.
Olivia Miller, ’21, biology major and runner on the track & field/cross country team.

The world is at your fingertips

While spending a semester in Italy with the Ciao! Carlow program, Kristin writes, “Studying abroad has always been a must for me and the Carlow faculty and staff were so helpful in getting me here. The world is literally at your fingertips! I plan to visit Greece and France while I am here as well since getting from country to country is much closer than in the U.S. The school I am attending is located right in the heart of Rome and the top sights are only a bus ride away. Eating gelato and pasta among ancient ruins and beautiful scenery is what makes this trip so extraordinary!”

– Kristin, a Senior Art Therapy major

Available programs

Carlow-created study abroad programs 

View the program name, duration and description below.
Ciao! Carlow: Rome, Italy
Duration: Semester
Description: Spend a semester as a student at the American University of Rome – Open to Carlow students only

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Carlow to Carlow: Carlow, Ireland
Duration: Semester
Description: Study at Carlow College in Ireland for a semester

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Carlow Cares: Jamaica
Duration: March 5-13, 2022 (Spring Break)
Description: Students volunteer in a rural school, visit a health clinic and engage in cultural activities over Spring Break

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Carlow Cares: Sligo, Ireland
Duration: May 13-June 4, 2022 (Summer)
Description: Participants stay in Sligo, Ireland, and are assigned to a school, hospital or community setting providing services to special needs individuals

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Charting the Galápagos Islands
Duration: May 2022, 9 days (Summer)
Description: Participants visit the Charles Darwin Research Center and Quito, Ecuador and cultural experiences.

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Description: Students in pediatrics, primary care or urgent care can fulfill 40 hours of clinical practicum experience (as space allows, additional majors will be considered).

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Study Abroad in Peru
Jan. 2-15, 2023, 10 days
Description: Interdisciplinary 10-day program includes visits to Lima, Cusco, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and the Amazon Rainforest.

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Master of Fine Arts Residency in Ireland
Description: MFA in Creative Writing is a low-residency program that meets in Ireland for two intensive residencies in June

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Northern Ireland
Duration: Yearlong
Description: Carlow sends three students to several Northern Ireland universities through the Business Education Initiative

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Travel to a country not offered in a Carlow program through another accredited U.S. university. Credits easily transfer from the sponsor school to Carlow. Other programs through third-party providers such as companies or organizations also provide opportunities to travel abroad and study a specific interest like art or language. Carlow financial assistance can’t be used with these programs, but government aid or loans are sometimes available.

Two people are walking along a cliff and body of water.

Next steps to get abroad

A group of Carlow students posed in front of a rock on a study abroad trip.
  • Begin your pre-departure planning with a study abroad advisor by scheduling an appointment through the Center for Global Engagement (CGE). Learn about funding options, plan coursework and apply to the program
  • Apply for or renew your U.S. passport, which can cost up to $150 and take as long as 12 weeks to arrive
  • Meet with Carlow’s financial aid office about available options and make a plan to finance your travels
  • Meet with your academic advisor: Plan the best time of year for your experience

Funding your trip

Most students can find an affordable study abroad experience. Our Financial Aid office is here to assist you as you make plans to study in another country. We recommend that you prepare early so that everything is in place before you depart.

Students who have never traveled outside of the US, may be eligible to apply for the Vira I. Heinz Scholarship Program. Schedule an appointment with the CGE to see if you qualify.

You may use your Carlow institutional aid with the Rome, Italy; Carlow, Ireland; and 50-plus countries in the ISEP Exchange program. 

Financial Aid information

After your trip

Your travels may be over for now, but it is important to foster new skills you’ve learned and reconnect with your international experience. Carlow’s Center for Global Engagement is here to help with your post-study abroad needs, including the following:

  • Incorporate your study abroad experience into resumes and job interviews. Get tips on how to format your resume for an international employer and apply for international jobs.
  • If you want to study abroad again, the CGE will help you explore program and funding options. Get advice and help with applying for post-graduation opportunities:
  • Explore careers in international education be exposed to the  behind-the-scenes work of study abroad by working in the CGE for a semester
  • Network with international educators at events and conferences such as the Lessons from Abroad Three Rivers Returnee Conference

Contact Center for Global Engagement

*According to the studies, “Study abroad programs see higher grades, per College report” & “What Statistics Show about Study Abroad Students

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