We offer full semester-long programs and shorter faculty-led programs that are guaranteed to enrich your educational journey. According to The Power of International Education, “global engagement and exposure can profoundly change a student’s life” and “…studies show students who study abroad have better grades, experience less attrition, and graduate from college at higher rates than students who do not study abroad.”

To help make your program affordable, your Carlow tuition, and room and board can be transferred to another international university. In addition, you may apply for financing opportunities.

Did you know?

Study abroad is one of the best ways to acquire global skills and access personal and professional opportunities.1

Carlow Cares: Jamaica
Duration: March 2-10, 2024 (9 days)
Group size: 15 students, 3 leaders
Faculty: Angela Kelly and Crystal Rose

Award-winning program focusing on service to the local Jamaican community. Volunteer in a soup kitchen, schools, and provide community health checkups. Cultural activities include a visit to Bob Marley museum, the Marroon community, the beach, and more. Experience authentic Jamaican cuisine and learn about the history and settlement of Jamaica.

Study Abroad in Northern Italy
Duration: June 15 – 25, 2024 (11 days)
Faculty: Sarah Zeffiro and Marissa McClure Sweeny.

This short-term study abroad program is a way to get an international experience in a more affordable way and within a more flexible This faculty led program to northern Italy includes a day in Reggio Emilia at the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre – “a place of encounter and exchange for those who intend to innovate education and culture.” This is the perfect experience for educators and those who love the arts… and food! The program includes tours of museums in Florence, Milan, Genova, Venice and the Italian Riviera. And of course, a trip to Italy is only complete with a full culinary experience including a cooking class and visits to see how parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar and wine are produced. 

Two people are walking along a cliff and body of water.

Carlow Cares: Sligo, Ireland
Duration: June 3-23, 2024 (21 days)
Group size: 12 students
Faculty: Susan O’Rourke and Kevin Spencer

This is a 3-week faculty led study abroad program. Participating students will stay in Sligo, Ireland where they will be assigned to a school, hospital or community setting which provides services to individuals with special needs.  Monday – Thursday, students will be transported to these field experiences where they will assist the staff in daily activities. On Fridays, students will reflect and share their experiences with other participants in the morning.  Friday afternoon through Sunday evening will include cultural and sightseeing opportunities for students.

Kristin in front of a statue in Rome.
Olivia Miller, ’21, biology major and runner on the track & field/cross country team.

The world is at your fingertips

While spending a semester in Italy with the Ciao! Carlow program, Kristin writes, “Studying abroad has always been a must for me and the Carlow faculty and staff were so helpful in getting me here. The world is literally at your fingertips! I plan to visit Greece and France while I am here as well since getting from country to country is much closer than in the U.S. The school I am attending is located right in the heart of Rome and the top sights are only a bus ride away. Eating gelato and pasta among ancient ruins and beautiful scenery is what makes this trip so extraordinary!”

– Kristin, a Senior Art Therapy major

Study Abroad in Italy
Duration: May 10-27, 2024 (18 days)
Faculty: Jessica Huber and Carrie Stott

The Study Abroad in Italy program, available to undergraduate students in nursing, respiratory care, and social work, offers students an international experience in a UPMC affiliate in Palermo, Italy. The program includes 90 hours of hands-on practical experience working with Italian healthcare providers in a hospital setting focusing on transplant surgeries and cancer care. Nursing students will complete clinical hours in three different departments at the transplant institute, while Social Work students gain experience with community care professionals. Respiratory Care students will complete practicum hours with the respiratory care specialists in the hospital. Opportunities to interact with a variety of related healthcare providers enhance the experience while offering students multiple perspectives and procedures in patient care.  In addition to the clinical/practicum experience, students will gain an understanding of Sicilian culture, history, and explore the natural beauty of Sicily through sightseeing tours and activities. 3 credits.

A Ugandan child is laughing with a volunteer. Both are sitting outside on a bench.

Carlow Cares: Uganda
Duration: June 22- July 7, 2024 (16 days)
Group size: 12 students
Faculty: Susan O’Rourke, Kevin Spencer and Aimee Zellers

This program includes volunteering in schools and communities to improve the lives of vulnerable children. Students will continue the work that Carlow has been involved in for 10 years. Activities include eye glass distribution, healthcare clinic, building school desks, teaching children, leading conversations with parents about nutrition and healthy practices. Safari at Murchinson Falls Natural reserve, white water rafting (level 3 or 5), hike to the largest waterfall in Eastern Africa, coffee tour and general adventures await participating students and alumnae.

Ugandan children running outside in their community.

Travel to a country not offered in a Carlow program through another accredited U.S. university. Credits easily transfer from the sponsor school to Carlow. Other programs through third-party providers such as companies or organizations also provide opportunities to travel abroad and study a specific interest like art or language. Carlow financial assistance can’t be used with these programs, but government aid or loans are sometimes available.

A group of Carlow students posed in front of a rock on a study abroad trip.
  • Begin your pre-departure planning with a study abroad advisor by scheduling an appointment through the Center for Global Engagement (CGE). Learn about funding options, plan coursework and apply to the program
  • Apply for or renew your U.S. passport, which can cost up to $150 and take as long as 12 weeks to arrive
  • Meet with Carlow’s financial aid office about available options and make a plan to finance your travels
  • Meet with your academic advisor: Plan the best time of year for your experience

Most students can find an affordable study abroad experience. Our Financial Aid office is here to assist you as you make plans to study in another country. We recommend that you prepare early so that everything is in place before you depart.

Students who have never traveled outside of the US, may be eligible to apply for the Vira I. Heinz Scholarship Program. Schedule an appointment with the CGE to see if you qualify.

You may use your Carlow institutional aid with the Rome, Italy; Carlow, Ireland; and 50-plus countries in the ISEP Exchange program. 

Financial Aid information

Your travels may be over for now, but it is important to foster new skills you’ve learned and reconnect with your international experience. Carlow’s Center for Global Engagement is here to help with your post-study abroad needs, including the following:

  • Incorporate your study abroad experience into resumes and job interviews. Get tips on how to format your resume for an international employer and apply for international jobs.
  • If you want to study abroad again, the CGE will help you explore program and funding options. Get advice and help with applying for post-graduation opportunities:
  • Explore careers in international education be exposed to the  behind-the-scenes work of study abroad by working in the CGE for a semester
  • Network with international educators at events and conferences such as the Lessons from Abroad Three Rivers Returnee Conference

1Why Study Abroad” The Power of International Education

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