Carlow University offers a variety of on-campus degrees and certificates for students interested in pursuing undergraduate and graduate studies.

Choose from student-focused educational opportunities: Each of our on-campus degrees focuses on a student’s growth academically, professionally and personally. Faculty and staff are invested in your success and committed to supporting you as you earn your degree.

Engage in practical career experiences: We’ve incorporated practical career experiences like internships and clinicals into our programs so that you are prepared to work in your chosen field.

Study in a vibrant location: Oakland, our hometown, is part of Pittsburgh’s innovation district, an area saturated with research, technology and innovation.

Flexible course offerings: Many of our on-campus degrees offer online classes, giving you greater flexibility while you earn your degree.

Grow your network: Pursuing an on-campus degree places you in the heart of our community, a perfect position to get to know our community partners and grow your personal and professional network.

Choose an area of study to explore our on-campus degree options.

Art & Design

You can develop your artistic skill in the studio or lab with one of our on-campus art and design degrees.

Business & Management

You can learn the necessary skills to pursue a career in business and management with a degree from Carlow University.

Data Analytics

You can develop your career as a data analyst with one of Carlow University's data analytics programs.

Education Department

Whether your interest is in art education, childhood development or special education, Carlow University’s education programs will prepare you for a successful career and professional licensure.

English & Communications

You can prepare for a career in media, public relations, marketing or nonprofit in Carlow University's English and communications programs.


Carlow University's healthcare degree programs will help you learn how to become a good leader and teach you the skills needed to provide the best in patient care.


In Carlow University's Humanities degree programs, you can develop skills, such as creative and critical thinking, that are highly sought after by employers.

Law & Criminal Justice

You will learn to understand crime and law when you choose one of Carlow University’s criminal law and justice degree programs.

Nursing degrees

Make an impact with a nursing degree from Carlow University. Learn what you need to know to help others.

Psychology & Counseling

Carlow University’s counseling and psychology-related programs will equip you with the tools and principles of communication needed to understand and predict the human experience.

Science & Math

Carlow University offers a variety of science and math degrees grounded in liberal arts that will prepare you for a myriad of careers that involve scientific and mathematical theories and applications.

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Carlow University offers a variety of social and behavioral science degree programs to prepare you for a career in social work or counseling.


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