Minor in communication

One skill set, highly sought by employers, crosses all academic disciplines at Carlow University: communication. The Communication minor program of studies will teach you how to build and maintain relationships across diverse cultures and groups, and cultivate leadership and team-building skills.

The Communication minor is ideal for students interested in counseling, health professions, business and other fields where interpersonal communication is essential. With an emphasis on working with others, courses will help you build written and digital communication skills.

Communication minor curriculum

The Communication minor can be customized to your interests and needs, and is open to any major. A minimum of 18 credits is required (6 credits must be 200 level or higher; 9 credits must be completed at Carlow University). 

Required Courses

  • Interpersonal/Relational Seminar
  • Persuasion
  • 4 communication elective courses
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