Fine tune your writing skills with a minor in Creative Writing

You will develop your creative and critical thinking skills and learn how to tell a good story with a minor in Creative Writing from Carlow University. You can adapt your learning experience to fit your academic and professional interests and cultivate your writer’s voice in workshop settings.

You will learn practical skills, such as editing and graphic design, that translate well to a variety of fields where clear communication is essential. You can focus on poetry, creative nonfiction or fiction and develop an understanding of story, narrative structure and the elements of language. You will explore great literary works and deepen your relationship with these texts through discussion and critical examination.

Creative writing minor curriculum

This minor is open to any major, requires 18 credits and can be designed to suit your academic needs.

Required Courses

  • Introduction to Creative Writing
  • Poetry I: Finding Your Voice
  • Fiction I: Character, Setting, and Plot
  • Creative Nonfiction: Description, Narration, and Dialogue 

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