Carlow University makes every reasonable effort to provide qualified applicants and students with disabilities with the opportunity to take full advantage of its programs, activities, services and facilities. The University’s Disabilities Services Office (DSO) does this in part by arranging specific reasonable and effective accommodations for students and prospective students through collaboration with students, faculty and staff. The DSO’s approach allows for a confidential and balanced review of documentation and a thoroughly researched plan for qualified students.


Carlow attempts to accommodate prospective students based on their individual needs, with proper documentation via the DSO.

Example include:

  • Convert documents to accommodate your needs
  • Enlarged print
  • Zoom text — screen reader software
  • Audio taped textbooks
  • Extended testing time
  • Separate testing booths
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking® software
  • Classroom relocation
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You can easily convert documents to an alternative, accessible format with SensusAccess. The use of SensusAccess requires a “” email address. If you need help, watch this video.

Policies and Guidelines

Carlow University references several sources in making adjustments to provide for the needs of students with disabilities. They include:

Complete a confidential request for accommodations.

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