BLUE (Benevolent Living Upon Earth) raises awareness about healthy, holistic living, green initiatives and environmental change. Transitioning to an eco-friendly community is a vital step to furthering the success of Carlow as an institution. BLUE helps this transition by educating the Carlow community about resources that further our understanding of green initiatives. The goal of BLUE is to achieve an environment that promotes the health and prosperity of all.

BLUE’s green initiatives on campus include:

  • Bottled Water Initiative
  • Go Green Initiative
  • The Green Student U
  • Planet Green: How to Go Green
An illustration of the earth wrapped in leaves. Below the image is the word BLUE and the phrase Benevolent Living Upon Earth.

Getting involved

Simple changes in daily living can help minimize waste and save energy. To learn more ways to develop an eco-friendly lifestyle, please join BLUE, watch for BLUE events on campus, and visit the websites listed below.

  • Carlow University no longer sells plain bottled water at any location on campus. Free hydration stations are available in many locations for filling reusable water bottles.
  • Go Green, a global educational organization, provides information on environmental issues, green products and charitable efforts.
  • The Green Student U site’s resources are immense and valuable for those striving to live a greener lifestyle. They include tips to help make your school greener.
  • “How to” tips in Planet Green: How to Go Green can help make everything from birthdays to spring cleaning a bit greener.
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