Carlow’s education programs and the Campus Laboratory School are part of Carnegie Mellon University’s CREATE Lab Satellite Network. The network aims to help educators and communities develop and disseminate new technology and innovative methods of learning and teaching. 

CREATE, part of CMU’s Robotics Institute, stands for Community Robotics, Education and Technology Empowerment Lab. It’s a partnership with nine universities in four states and BirdBrain Technologies aimed at increasing local technology fluency.

Each university, or satellite, has an outreach team that facilitates CREATE Lab projects in the community, such as teacher development, training and graduate education programs. 

A young student works on an electronics project in a CREATE Lab.

Carlow CREATE Lab community engagement

  • STEAM Showcase
  • STEM Day at Lincoln Elementary School
  • Preschool STEM Literacy Day
  • NIST Conference for Middle School Science Teachers 
  • South Hills Cub Scout Partnership

Local CREATE Lab technology infusion

  • The “Electric City” project, in which second-graders construct and electrify buildings
  • The Duckie World world language program, in which fourth-graders build a city environment with features in their target language using tools such as handmade circuits
  • The fifth grade Culture in Motion and seventh grade Poetry in Motion projects, which use Hummingbird technology kits
Young children are intent on their group work with robot parts at a CREATE Lab.
Diligent girl and boys making a vehicle at a technology class. Smart kids and STEM education. Children, science and people concept. Horizontal shot
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