Carlow University is home to two residence halls: Frances Warde Hall and Dougherty Hall. They are connected to each other, and the buildings are in a central location on campus.

The residence halls are staffed by the assistant director of campus life, three live-in graduate resident directors and 12 resident assistants (RAs). RAs live with the students on their respective floor sections. They help to manage the residence hall, communicate important information to residents, advise and refer students who are experiencing difficulties, plan programs and events, help students adjust to a group-living environment, and maintain an atmosphere conducive to academic pursuits.

The double rooms measure approximately 12 feet by 16 feet and may vary in style based on their position within the building. They each feature:

  • Wall-to-wall carpeting
  • Two twin beds (most rooms have XL twins)
  • Two desks with chairs
  • Two chests of drawers
  • Two wardrobes/closets
  • One micro-fridge
  • One window air-conditioner unit
Dorm room with white shelf on wall, a bed and storage closet. The wall is decorated with artwork.
A dorm room in Frances Warde/Dougherty Hall, Carlow University, Thursday, August 20, 2020. (Rebecca Droke/Carlow University)

In addition, each student gets an account for live, streaming HDTV with DVR from Comcast.

Frances Warde Hall had a third-floor lounge with comfortable seating, a fireplace, a pool table and a big-screen TV. The lounge offers plenty of open space for students to get together and unwind. There are 11 other lounges within the residence halls, a full kitchen available to students, a computer lab and several small study rooms. 

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