The Carlow University Police Department provides 24/7 police and security service to the Carlow community. The police department is located in Frances Warde Hall. 

Safety features include:

  • Card access system for campus buildings, including both dormitory buildings, active 24 hours a day
  • 11 emergency phones throughout campus
  • 13 AEDs throughout campus
  • 24/7 manned police dispatch station at main entrance to residence halls
  • Comprehensive public surveillance security system with more than 75 video surveillance cameras inside and outside campus buildings
  • Several comprehensive methods of emergency communication, including emergency notifications, crime alert updates via Carlow University’s website, and flyers posted on campus to make students aware of incidents on campus or in the surrounding neighborhood
  • Crisis Response Team to provide additional assistance to the police department in emergencies

With community as its foundation, the police department’s goal is to enhance the quality of life, investigating problems as well as incidents, seeking solutions and fostering a sense of security in the campus community. We:

  • Nurture public trust by holding ourselves to the highest standards of performance and ethics
  • Operate within the framework of federal, state and local laws
  • Are dedicated to providing a quality work environment and the development of members through effective training and leadership

▸ View our safety and security policies

A white signpost next to buildings has a blue light on top with “emergency” spelled out vertically in blue letters.

We keep logs of all incidents on campus throughout the year in accordance with national law and national reporting standards.

▸ View our campus crime statistics.

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