Carlow University has limited parking spaces, including some for commuter students. Students who live on campus are not eligible for a parking permit. 

Spring 2022 student parking permits

Now accepting applications for Spring 2022. Completion of an application does not guarantee a parking spot. As an alternative, consider traveling to Carlow by bicycle or public transportation. Paper applications are available at the Dispatch Office or the Student HUB. 

When picking up your parking permit from the Dispatch Office, please bring proof of purchase. 

Parking permit rates

  • Full-time student (12 credits or more): $265
  • Part-time student (7-11 credits): $150
  • Part-time student (6 credits or less): $85
  • Affiliate semester: $85
  • Evening, full-time student: $125
  • Evening, part-time student: $85
Rows of cars in a parking lot on Carlow campus.
Parking Lot A and the Center for Leadership and Management along Fifth Avenue, Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019. The section of the Carlow campus spanning the main driveway to Robinson Street are part of the P3 redevelopment project. (Rebecca Droke/Carlow University)

Payment options

Once you complete your application, you may pay in the following ways:

  • Check or money order: Confirm that you have secured a parking permit at the Dispatch Office then pay at either the Disptach Office or the Student HUB.
  • Carlow Cash or debit/credit card: Confirm that you have secured a parking permit at the Dispatch Office then pay at the Cashier’s office in the Student HUB.

Additional parking information

A valid Carlow University parking permit must be displayed when parked in campus lots. A vehicle without a displayed tag could result in a ticket. There is a $25 charge for a lost tag. Overnight student parking is not permitted in Lot B. Students, faculty and staff should not park in residential permit parking zones without a permit issued by the Pittsburgh Parking Authority. Residential permits are tracked by license plate number and enforced by license plate recognition software.

Alternative parking options

There are several public parking garages and lots within walking distance of campus. 

Bicycling to Carlow

  • Park your bicycle in racks behind A.J Palumbo Center and in front of Dougherty Hall. Bicycle parking regulations are in effect at all times, including evenings, weekends and holidays. Walk your bicycle through congested pedestrian areas, narrow walkways and ADA ramps.
  • Do not park or store bicycles in residence halls or against any other fixed object other than bicycle racks. 
  • Rent a bike two blocks from campus through Healthy Ride Pittsburgh.

Contact Parking and ID Center Office

If you have questions, give us a call or visit us on the 3rd Floor of Frances Warde Hall.

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