1. Once the University has approved the accommodations, the student is responsible for sharing an accommodations letter, if needed, with her instructors and meeting with them to discuss the implementation of the accommodations.

The student should arrange a private meeting time other than scheduled class hours to discuss the accommodations.
The student is not obligated to identify or discuss the specifics of her disability.
The student also should inform the instructor and/or Disabilities Services Provider when particular teaching and testing approaches present difficulties, and should report to the Disabilities Services Office when the accommodations are not being implemented, when they are not effective or necessary, when they might need to be adjusted, or when they are no longer being used.
Further, the student should follow through and be on time with any accommodations which impact other individuals’ schedules, such as tutors, readers, sign-language interpreters, test administrators, aides, or, if necessary, canceling them with adequate notice.

  1. Faculty and staff cooperate with the Disabilities Services Office to provide authorized accommodations in a reasonable and timely manner and meet with the student who provides a letter of request for accommodations in order to determine the means of implementing the accommodation.
    If the student does not have a letter of request for accommodation or if the student has not yet contacted the Disabilities Services Office, the faculty or staff member shall refer the student to that office for processing the student’s request.
  2. If accommodations include testing in the Disabilities Services Office, the student is responsible for:
    Arranging space, dates, and time with the Disabilities Services Representative
    Providing adequate notice when a testing date is cancelled or changed
    Arriving for testing on time and
    Following the instructor’s and Disabilities Services Provider’s practices for insuring the integrity of the test and observing the University’s policies on academic integrity.
  3. Accommodations are not retroactive; that is, they do not impact tests or work completed prior to the student’s submission of documentation and the University’s determination of any necessary accommodation.
  4. Students with disabilities have the same responsibility as other students to meet the University’s academic, technical, and behavioral standards and to follow the University’s general policies and guidelines regarding standards of conduct.


Students have the right to appeal the University’s decisions regarding requests for accommodation through the University’s grievance procedure. To file such a grievance—or to otherwise lodge a complaint in connection with this policy—you may contact the Office of the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at 412.578.6072.

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