1. Readmission Policy (in Course Catalog)
  2. Military Deployment and Refund Policy
    • The University will assist a student who is currently enrolled in an academic semester and who is called to active military duty with transition out of the University as quickly as possible. The student must file written documentation of the activation order with the Registrar. The student may then choose one of three options by contacting the Office of the Registrar.
    • A student can take the grade s/he has earned to date in the class provided that the student has completed at least 75% of the course work, has a passing grade in the course and the student and faculty agree with this option. A student selecting this option will not be refunded any tuition or fees and will have his/her grade processed in the normal manner at the end of the semester with appropriate credits and grade awarded.
    • A student can choose to have an Incomplete (I) grade recorded at the end of the semester provided that the student has completed at least 75% of the course work, has a passing grade in the course, and the student and faculty agree with this option. The student and faculty will need to discuss the completion requirements for the course. A student who has selected the incomplete grade option will have one year after return from active duty to contact the University to arrange for completion of the credits. If the incomplete is not satisfied in this time period, the grade will be converted to an “F”. The student choosing this option will not receive a refund of tuition and fees.
    • A student can choose to process a withdrawal from one or all courses with an “M” grade at any time during the semester in which active military deployment occurs by informing the Office of the Registrar. Tuition and fees will be refunded or credited in full with no credit awarded for the term. The student should be aware that this option may result in the need to return funds to the University. The Financial Aid and Student Accounts Offices will inform the student of the impact of this option on the student account.
    • A student who resides on campus and who leaves for active duty assignment will be released from his/her housing contract for room and board. Fees will be refunded for the unused portion of the contract on a pro rata basis.
  3. Code of Conduct for Financial Aid Officers/Advisors
  4. Satisfactory Academic Progress Policies
  5. Policy Banning Incentive Compensation for Admissions and Financial Aid Employees.
    • As stated by the U.S. Department of Education-Laws and Guidance/ Higher Education, “the Department considers payments to persons or entities that undertake or have responsibility for recruitment and decisions related to securing financial aid as subject to the incentive compensation ban even if their work also includes other activities.”
  6. Refund Policies (see policy “2. Military Deployment and Refund Policy” above)
  7. Transfer of Credit Policies (in Course Catalog)
    • Note: Carlow University makes no promises about the transferability of its credits to another institution of higher education. Transferability of credits is determined exclusively by each receiving institutions Typical considerations involve whether the course substitutes for a course in the curriculum at the other institution, whether the student received a certain grade or better, how long ago the course was taken, how many credits the student seeks to transfer and other factors. Students who plan to transfer credits from Carlow can check with the registrar to see if there is an affiliation agreement in place and with the other institution to learn about their policies regarding transfer of credits before taking the courses when possible.
  8. Articulation and Transfer of Credits
    • Carlow University participates in the Pennsylvania Transfer and Articulation Center. Course equivalences between Carlow and other participating institutions are defined on the PA TRAC website. Students can find more information in the Academic Course Catalogs.
  9. Policy for Awarding Credit for Military Training
    • Carlow is part of the ACE Credit College and University Network that considers ACE recommendations for military training and experience. Carlow will also review additional types of credit for prior learning on a case-by-case basis that is in addition to current methods for granting credit for college-level learning.
  10. Student Grievance Policies (in Course Catalog)
  11. Policy for Academic Screenings to Determine Competency and Placement Based Upon Student Readiness (in Course Catalog)
    • Student Disclosure: Students who take placement tests may be required to take an additional course based upon their final score on this evaluation. This course in addition to the standard curriculum and may lengthen the duration of the program and increase the overall cost. Additional earned credits will be applied to the total number of credits required for graduation.
  12. Priority Registration
    • Veterans, active duty, and reservists are given priority registration at Carlow University. Specific dates and details will be made available to students prior to the registration period each semester by the Office of the Registrar.
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