The type of housing for students on campus at Carlow University are single or double rooms. First-year students are required to share a double room, upper-class students may apply to live in a limited number of single rooms.

Freshmen housing assignments are based on similarities derived from a questionnaire completed by the student. Upper-class assignments are based on interest groups, retention of previous room assignments, or random selection based on class standing.

Guests must be signed in by the resident of the dorm they are visiting, and they must be escorted by their host at all times while in the building. Guests are required to present proper identification to the desk attendant when they are signed in, and they may reclaim their identification only when they are signed out at the end of the visit.

The fifth avenue and 3rd floor entrances to Frances Warde Hall (FWH) and McAuley Hall are monitored by security personnel 24 hours a day. In addition, this area is secured via a public surveillance system.

An elevator card access system is in place for security reasons. There is a replacement fee of $15 for lost or stolen cards.

The residence life office employs one full-time professional, 12 resident assistants, one graduate resident assistant and several desk attendants. Resident assistants receive extensive one-week training prior to the start of each academic year, which includes all university security policies and procedures related to the residence hall. Regular in-service training and staff development programs are conducted throughout the year to enhance this knowledge.

Resident assistants conduct floor meetings with residents concerning security and enforcement procedures at the beginning of each year and when needed. These programs are done in cooperation with campus security.

Housing during holidays or vacation is not available.

Guests of Carlow University residents are subject to the same rules and regulations as Carlow University resident students.

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