The following are the policies and procedures to be followed during a fire alarm or other emergency evacuations.

At the sight of fire or smoke, immediately sound the fire alarm by pulling the lever on the nearest firebox. Do not delay sounding the alarm for any reason.

At the sound of the fire alarm, begin an orderly evacuation of the premises.

Become familiar with your evacuation routes and outside destination. Proceed there immediately at the sound of the fire alarm.

Take the stairs. If you need to evacuate the building, do NOT take the elevators, take the stairs.

Do not remain in or crowd the building perimeter. Move away from the building.

Do not return to the building until instructed to do so by the responding fire department personnel, police officer, or Resident Assistant.

No open flames. Candles, incense, and open flames are prohibited in Carlow University’s residence halls, as is smoking.

Avoid electrical hazards, such as overloaded outlets. Never overload outlets with multiple extension cords, use cheap or frayed cords, or run cords under rugs. The University prohibits the use of certain appliances, such as halogen lamps and electric blankets, in residence halls.

Use caution when cooking. Never leave boiling pots or sizzling pans unattended. If you do start a fire, use a Class B or Class C fire extinguisher if you are comfortable doing so. If you don’t have a fire extinguisher, you can smother a fire with baking soda. Never throw water on a grease fire; that will cause it to spread. Your main concern during a fire should be to evacuate, not to extinguish. Appliances such as hot pots, hot plates, coffee pots, and most microwave ovens are prohibited in Carlow University’s residence halls.

View or download the Fire Safety Report [pdf].

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