Carlow University follows these principles regarding individuals involved in allegations of sexual violence:

  1. A student subject to sexual violence is encouraged to report to the University Policy, Pittsburgh Police, and/or the Title IX coordinator. Students reporting sexual violence (hereafter known as the reporting person) have the option of notifying University Police and/or the Pittsburgh Police Department.
  2. Every report of sexual violence will be taken seriously and prompt action will be taken as appropriate. University officials will assist students in contacting the above departments if desired. However, a student is not required to file a report to receive support and accommodations when reasonable and appropriate.
  3. When appropriate the University will issue a campus alert or timely notice to campus if the incident reported indicates an ongoing risk to the campus community. Any release of information will protect the identity of the victim when notifications are issued.
  4. Supporting students involved in allegations of sexual violence is of primary consideration, as are exploring options and protecting the rights of those involved, including the individual’s right to privacy as provided by law and policy and to determine what options to pursue (see the Sexual Misconduct Policy for more information about maintaining privacy).
  5. The University will do everything reasonably possible to provide a climate that is sensitive, respectful, and supportive of individual needs of both the reporting person and respondent (individual alleged to have violated policy).
  6. During a campus conduct review procedure, the reporting person will be free from any suggestion that she/he is responsible or was “contributorily negligent” or assumed the risk of being assaulted. This right cannot be construed to limit such claims in any criminal or civil action for or against the University.
  7. During campus conduct review procedures students will have access to information as outlined in the student conduct review procedures. View or download the Student Handbook [pdf].
  8. Involved students will have access to existing campus counseling and support services, including an advisor from within the campus community to assist with process support.
  9. If reasonably available, academic and living arrangements may be changed upon student request and no contact directives between involved parties may be issued, regardless of whether a formal report has been filed. See the Title IX coordinator, Counseling Office, or a University Police member for further assistance. 

Resources for students

Numerous resources are available to assist individuals dealing with sexual misconduct, both on and off campus:

Carlow University Health and Counseling Center has a registered nurse and two licensed counselors on staff, supported by a consulting arrangement with UPMC Adolescent Medicine and a consulting psychiatrist. Any student who has experienced sexual misconduct at any time, on or off campus, past or present, is encouraged to use these support services.

Director of Health Services:

Phone: +1 (412) 578-6174

University Counselors:

Phone: +1 (412) 578-6306 or +1 (412) 578-8731

Magee Women’s Hospital (300 Halket Street, Pittsburgh, Phone: +1 (866) MyMagee) and UPMC Mercy (1400 Locus Street, Pittsburgh, Phone: +1 (412) 232-8111) have Forensic Nurses available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at their emergency departments. These Forensic Nurses, called Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE), are highly trained to collect evidence and connect individuals with advocates and community resources.

Pittsburgh Action Against Rape (PAAR) provides prevention and education services on campus. PAAR also provides a 24 hour confidential hotline (Phone: +1 (866) END-RAPE), counseling, and support through the medical and legal process. Phone: +1 (412) 431-5665.

Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN) is the largest anti-sexual assault organization in the country. They provide access to a wide variety of support and educational services to survivors of sexual misconduct and those who support them. Phone: +1 (800) 656-4673

University Police have sworn officers on duty 24/7 to receive reports and assist students with access to immediate health and safety resources. Phone: +1 (412) 578-6007.

The Investigations Bureau of the Pittsburgh City Police investigates crimes including sexual misconduct. To report a crime in the City of Pittsburgh, call 911 or the number below. City of Pittsburgh Police Investigations Bureau- Sex Assault/ Family Violence: Phone: +1 (412) 323-7141

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