Carlow University recognizes its obligation to maintain a healthy and safe environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. One initiative is that Carlow University prohibits smoking in all University buildings including residence halls, has established smoke-free zones, and is restricting smoking in areas where secondhand smoke negatively affects the health, well-being and comfort of others. The following policy also ensures compliance with Title Six of Chapter 617 of the Pittsburgh City Code.

Smoke-free environments are essential to protect the health of students, faculty, staff and visitors in all campus facilities, grounds and vehicles in which Carlow University functions or services are carried out. To protect the rights of smokers and nonsmokers, designated smoking areas have been established. To foster a healthy environment is its approach to smoking and the use of tobacco on campus.

All members of the Carlow University community, guests, including vendors, contractors, and renters on campus, and those riding in University vehicles are responsible for observing the provisions of this policy. 


Smoking is generally defined as carrying or holding a lighted cigarette, pipe, cigar, bidi or any piece of smoking equipment or the inhalation or exhalation of smoke from a lighted piece of smoking equipment filled with tobacco or any type of material. For the purposes of this policy, “smoking and tobacco” shall mean all uses of tobacco including cigarettes, pipes, cigars, bidis and smokeless tobacco. 


The following guidelines provide parameters for smoking and the use of tobacco on the Carlow University campus. Visitors, including those who rent our facilities or who are working for contractors who smoke, are expected to observe this policy throughout the University’s facilities and grounds.

Smoking or the use of smokeless tobacco products is prohibited in Carlow University buildings including the residence halls and in University vehicles. Smoking is prohibited in the established Smoke Free Zones on upper campus. The Smoke Free Zones include: St. Joseph’s Hall, Grace Library, Campus School, Tiernan Hall, the Carlow Green and the Convent of Mercy.

  • Smoking is prohibited within 25 feet of any Carlow University facility, air intake or where posted.
  • Smoking is prohibited in campus police vehicles, escort vans or vehicles.
  • Smoking is permitted in areas specifically designed and posted as smoking areas, with appropriate receptacles for disposal of tobacco products. 

All of these smoking areas are at least 25 feet away from entry doors and windows:

  • Island between Grace Library and Dougherty Hall
  • Curran Hall porch – Fifth Avenue Side
  • East End of A.J. Palumbo Hall – Fifth Avenue Side (not the entrance)
  • Antonian Patio – Theater Entrance Side

Compliance and enforcement of policy

The littering of cigarette butts or smokeless tobacco on the ground is punishable by an internal fine of $25. Individuals who are fined more than three times in one semester may face more serious disciplinary action. Cigarette butts contain fibers that are not biodegradable, toxins that are harmful to the environment and can cause fires. Carlow University Police Officers are empowered to enforce the provisions of this policy.

In the event that University buildings and facilities are undergoing renovations and repairs, there may be special need to change the designation of these areas while the repairs or renovations are being accomplished. If such is the case, notification will be made via the University email and signage will be changed temporarily during this time.


Carlow University’s Wellness and Fitness Services has made smoking education and cessation services available at no charge to faculty, students and staff. Such services through C-SCAPE (Carlow Smoking Cessation and Prevention Education) are group and individual smoking cessation classes, nicotine replacement therapy and carbon monoxide testing. Appointments can be made by calling 412.578.6042. Additionally, Carlow University’s PA-SWAT team (Pennsylvania Students Working Against Tobacco) provides peer tobacco prevention education to the Carlow community.

Questions with regard to this policy can be addressed to the Director of Human Resources (for faculty and staff), or to the Dean of Student Affairs (for students).

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