Carlow University makes every reasonable effort to provide qualified applicants and students with disabilities with the opportunity to take full advantage of its programs, activities, services and facilities. The University’s Disabilities Services Office does this, in part, by arranging specific reasonable accommodations for students and prospective students.

To request accommodations, students or prospective students with disabilities should complete a confidential request for accommodations. Students can upload current documentation of their disability and the functional limitations resulting from the disability into the documents section of the same form or email it to Documentation regarding a student’s disability will be treated as confidentially as possible and will not be released without the student’s consent, unless required by law. The Disabilities Services Office and the student will work together to identify appropriate academic adjustments, auxiliary aids and services, and/or other reasonable accommodations which may be warranted under the particular circumstances. Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to contact the University’s Disabilities Services Representative in advance of the semester when accommodations/ adjustments may be needed.

Carlow University has the right, of course, to establish qualifications and other essential standards and requirements for its courses, programs, activities and services. All students are expected to meet these essential qualifications, standards and requirements, with or without reasonable accommodations.

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