The Academic Affairs Office of Carlow University is guided by a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to supporting our students, faculty, and staff. This team, known as the Academic Council, has responsibility for the university’s academic affairs across the Main Campus, Westmoreland, and Cranberry locations as well as online programs. The Academic Council commits to working with all university stakeholders in a transparent and collaborative manner. The council is committed to the strategic initiatives and goals of the university and seeks to perform our duties in the spirit of the Sisters of Mercy.

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Services offered:

  • Oversight of educational matters
  • Development of initiatives and strategies across the University

Academic Council

The Academic Council consists of the following members:

Academic Council +

The Academic Council is supported by a complementary team of professionals who serve in a variety of roles at the university. The team known as the AC+ team provides insight into areas such as the library, teaching, technology, data, and student affairs to name only a few. This valuable connection enables the Academic Council to make informed decisions.

Academic Affairs Purpose Statement

The Office of Academic Affairs provides leadership to promote excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service by supporting the work of faculty and fostering student learning. Grounded in Mercy values and a commitment to shared governance, Academic Affairs focuses on achieving institutional effectiveness through the work of faculty and staff.

Academic Affairs supports the following functions/areas:

• Offering an academic portfolio that is responsive to emerging trends in higher education and 21st century learners
• Fostering student success and learning at all levels
• Supporting the success of the colleges, departments, and centers within Academic Affairs
• Supporting innovation seekers/thought leaders
• Ensuring accreditation standards are maintained
• Upholding ethical standards and academic integrity
• Representing the interests of faculty and staff
• Budgeting and resource management
• Providing professional development
• Maintaining and updating policies and procedures
• Communicating internally and externally about the academic enterprise
• Cultivating and sustaining external partnerships
• Collaborating with all other areas of the university to achieve university goals

Administrative Units and Functional Areas

• Campus Laboratory School and Early Learning Center
• Carlow Compass
• Center for 21st Century Workforce Development
• Center for Experiential Learning
• Center for Global Engagement
• Center for Teaching, Research, and Learning (CTRL)
• College of Arts and Sciences
• College of Health and Wellness
• Honorary Degree Committee
• Honors Program
• Institutional Research and Effectiveness
• Institutional Review Board
• Registrar’s Office
• Sponsored Programs and Research
• University Council
• University Faculty Assembly

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