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Through the gallery, Carlow students have the opportunity to work with professional artists, curators, and museum professionals (assist with installation, collection management, research and development of digital curation strategies).

The gallery, a Google Arts and Culture partner and part of Google’s Pittsburgh Project, serves as a center for dialogue and creativity for both the Carlow community and the greater Pittsburgh community.

A worker attaches framed art to a wall in an art gallery.
Ryan Laib installs a photograph by Thomas Locke Hobbes from the series “Wonder of the World,” Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020, at the Carlow University Art Gallery. The show, “Everything That Sounds in the Forest: Contemporary Art of the Peruvian Amazon,” featuring 11 artists and curated by Gabriela Germana and Christian Bendayan, runs January 17- May 15. Adrian Portugal’s photo from the series “Miss Cantagallo” sits in the foreground; “The Virgin of the Animals” by Graciela Arias is at left. (Rebecca Droke/Carlow University)


Person standing in art gallery on Carlow University's campus.


“Eternal Repair”
Joshua Challen Ice
November 2022 – March 2023

Upcoming Public Programming

Feb. 21: Evening Q&A
Feb. 28: Panel Discussion

Close up of art installation in art gallery on Carlow University's campus.

The installation, “Eternal Repair” by Joshua Challen Ice, tells the story of a renovation gone wrong. In a failed attempt to recreate his grandfather’s hunting cabin that was passed down to him, Ice works through a grandson’s inheritances in all its valences: genetic, physiological, psychological, and material worth, through the intersectional processes of labor, maintenance, and care.

Ice’s sculpture, which is a collection of unmoored high modernist architectural signifiers, images what is left of his inherited hunting cabin: a fragmented half-renovated tiny home filled with nonsensical solutions to self-made problems that disrupts function replacing it with metaphor. Mixing contemporary minimal aesthetics with construction-site drywall, bare two by fours, and rustic remnants, Ice works through the absurdity of recreating a paradoxical hunting cabin, an isolated rural dwelling and icon of masculinity, in a city gallery space, an interconnected and highly visible urban environment.

To dive deeper into the exhibition, check out the essay “Eternal Repair: Joshua Challen Ice’s Meditation on Family, Labor, and Embodied Architecture,” by Amy Bowman-McElhone

About the Artist

Joshua Ice is an emerging artist that works with ideas related to science and philosophy through sculpture, kinetic, and light-based installation art. With a background in lighting design and technology for the stage, the work presents in many forms. Ice’s studio operates as a fabrication shop and quasi laboratory for developing new ideas. Without limiting himself to one medium or even sensory experience, the tools, materials, and skills collected over time, instigate endless possibilities and explorations.

Upcoming Exhibitions

“Flight Plans”
Njaimeh Njie
March 2023-Oct. 2023
Funded by McAuley Ministries Foundation Grant

“Kingdom of this World Reimagined”
Curated by Lesley Wolff, PhD
Collaboration with University of Pittsburgh Art Gallery
Oct. 2023-March 2024

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Art Gallery Staff

Kiera Moyler, Gallery Assistant
Meghan Vance, Communication Intern

Grants received

Carlow University Art Gallery has been the recipient of the following grants:


  • CIC Humanities for the Public Good Sustaining Grant


  • Opportunity Fund: Recipient for the Culture of Care speaker and workshop series in partnership with Anthropology of Motherhood
  • The William Talbot Hilllman Foundation: Recipient for the project “Center for Art and Social Justice Pilot Program” in partnership with The Documentary Works and Carlow’s Social Justice Institutes
  • McAuley Ministries Foundation: Recipient for the project “Social Justice Justice Training Institutes Fellowship Program, Justice-Oriented Art Gallery Exhibitions and Intergroup Dialogue”


  • CIC Grant: Humanities for the Public Good: Recipient for the archival project and exhibition: International Poetry Form: The Power of Voice, Spring 2021

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