Voices from the Attic is an annual anthology featuring the best work of the Madwomen in the Attic Writing Workshops in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, as selected by an editorial team of Madwomen faculty, Madwomen students, and Carlow University undergraduates. Published by Carlow University Press, the anthology is open to both currently and formerly enrolled Madwomen participants.

The Editors

Series Editor
Sarah Williams-Devereux

Poetry Editor
Doralee Brooks

Fiction Editor
Keely Bowers

Literary Nonfiction Editor
Nancy Kirkwood

Assistant Poetry Editors

This roster varies from year to year, depending upon availability and interest, but the group includes Madwomen students and Carlow University graduates.

General Submission Guidelines

Submissions open for each new volume in January. Please contact Sarah Williams-Devereux at sewilliams412@carlow.edu for information on the current year’s deadlines.

All work must be unpublished. You may submit work in one genre only: poetry, fiction, or nonfiction.

Simultaneous submissions to other journals/anthologies are allowed. If another journal/anthology accepts a piece you also submitted to us, and you choose to publish it with them, let us know as soon as possible so we can withdraw your piece from our consideration.

For All Submissions

  • Put your name, phone number, email, and genre on each page.
  • Include a brief, professional bio, 75 words or fewer. This should include publications, writing awards, readings, relevant education and work, etc.
  • The anthology is arranged alphabetically by last name. If you have a longer name (Judith Smith Robinson, Alice Rockwell Jones, etc.), let us know how we should alphabetize your work.


You may submit a maximum of 3-5 poems.
Note: The anthology line length for poems is 60 characters per line (including spaces).

Fiction and Nonfiction

You may submit a maximum of 2-3 pages, double-spaced.

Excerpts from longer pieces should be noted as such.

Editor’s Notes

  • You may not submit revisions of your work after the submission deadline.
  • Our editorial decisions will limit poetry to a total of 2 printed pages in the anthology and limit prose to 3 printed pages.
  • We do not accept submissions in the body of an email.

To Submit by Email (Preferred)

  • Put all your writing and your bio into one PDF or Microsoft Word document, labeled Last Name Volume Number Submission.
  • Examples: “Smith Volume 28 Submission,” “Penn Volume 15 Submission.”
  • Email it to sewilliams412@carlow.edu.

To Submit by Postal Mail

Mail your writing and bio to:
Carlow University
Madwomen in the Attic
3333 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15213

You will be notified within 3 months of the submission deadline.

Terms of Publication

Voices from the Attic contributors will receive one free copy of the anthology. The copyright reverts to the writer. The published piece is considered a publication and thus could not be sent out to other literary magazines/anthologies; however, it could be included in a book of poems, stories, essays, etc., with credit given in the acknowledgments to Voices from the Attic and Carlow University Press for first publication.

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