In some cases, students are entitled to a full or partial refund of charges. Refund amounts are connected to the student’s official date of drop or withdrawal. Official dates and percentage of refund amounts are published in the academic calendar each semester in the Carlow University Course Schedule. Specific questions about the refunds should be directed to the Office of Student Accounts.

Refund Policy for Maryland Students Taking Online Courses

Note: There is a separate refund policy for Maryland students who are enrolled in our online programs as defined in the Annotated Code of Maryland (Annotated Code, Education Article, 11-202.2.(d)(1) and (2)).

% of total Course/Program/Term Complete as of Date of Withdrawal or Termination for Maryland Students OnlyTuition Refund
Less than 10%   90% Refund
10% up to but not including 20% 80% Refund
20% up to but not including 30%  60% Refund
30% up to but not including 40% 40% Refund
40% up to and including 60% 20% Refund
More than 60%No Refund

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