The philosophy of Carlow University is guided by a commitment to the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, a belief in the transformative power of the liberal arts, and a dedication to undergraduate and graduate education that instills social responsibility and a desire to work for the good of all humankind.

These ideals are touchstones of a Carlow education, informing the institution’s mission and values so that students can realize their full potential and become ethical leaders in their personal and professional lives who are committed to a just and merciful world.

In line with its philosophy, Carlow:

  • Is committed to the liberal arts as part of its undertaking to educate the whole person: body, mind and spirit
  • Recognizes the dignity of all human persons and the value of all creation, and understands that genuine wisdom and knowledge yield imperatives for justice 
  • Adheres to the belief that commitment to transforming the world flows from the values of the founders of Carlow University
A cut-out art installation depicting Carlow University's philosophy statement.

The Mercy approach to teaching and scholarship creates a campus culture where men and women experience empathy and mutual respect while valuing inclusion, flexibility and collaboration.

In practice, the University’s philosophy leads to undergraduate and graduate pedagogy and curricula that

  • Are rooted in social justice
  • Require students and graduates to challenge or affirm existing or prevailing values in the workplace and the world
  • Are embodied in the integrative Mercy approach to rigorous scholarship, creative thinking and problem solving
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