The Sisters of Mercy had something significant to celebrate. After arriving in Pittsburgh in 1843 from Carlow, Ireland, the religious community established numerous schools, an orphanage and the Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh. On Sept. 24, 1929 the Sisters founded Carlow University under the name Mount Mercy College.

Events for the 2019 90th anniversary celebration included:

  • 1929 time capsule display
  • Carlow Day, with historical recollections by Cynthia Busin Nicola, EdD
  • Food packing service event
  • Abie’s Irish Rose Broadway theater production
  • Founder Fortnight events
  • All campus picnic
  • Rededication Walk of Fame
Logo for Carlow’s 90th anniversary is a white rectangle with the numeral 90 in white with a purple and yellow background.

Enjoy a look back at Carlow’s past through a timeline of events (view or download [pdf]).

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