Reflecting back to their founding roots in Ireland, the Carlow University Round Table was conceived in May 2007 as an opportunity for collaboration and collegial exchange among Mercy institutions where participants are inspired by their common Mercy heritage. The Round Tables begin at the Mercy International Centre in Dublin, Ireland, and travel to various locations during the seven-day conference. 

The next Round Table is planned for May 2022.

Rectangular logo is light gray with the words Carlow Roundtable in black and spelled in a circle.

The biennial conference:

  • Is composed of 16 colleges and universities (all Mercy colleges and universities welcome) sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas through the Conference for Mercy Higher Education 
  • Was created for “the preservation and development of the core Catholic identity and mission of Mercy higher education in accord with the spirit, mission and heritage of the Sisters of Mercy”
  • Is a gathering where participants draw from their knowledge and experience to explore how their heritage and Catholic Social Teaching influences how and what they teach in institutions of higher learning

 This page is used to:

  • Provide general information for staff and faculty from all Mercy schools who are contemplating attending the conference (they receive preliminary information from the Mercy Integration Officers on their campus)
  • Allow applicants to apply, upload information and make payments
  • Publish proceedings from the Round Table

Round Table information

2019 Round Table

“175 Years of Mercy — The Heritage We Have Received; the Heritage We Pass On” was the theme of the 2019 Carlow Round Table. It began at the Mercy International Centre, built by founder Catherine McAuley, and traveled for its final days to Glendalough, a fifth-century monastic city in County Wicklow.

Inspired by the words and vision of  founder McAuley, participants presented papers and websites that explored the influence of the Mercy heritage on the teaching and culture at each of our institutions. These writings and photos are offered for further reflection and for the stimulation of a rich and vibrant relationship among all those who bring the Mercy heritage to life on our campuses.

View or download the 2019 Round Table proceedings [pdf].

Previous years

View or download the following Round Table proceedings: 

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