A minor in computer science prepares a student for basic computer programming and algorithm design. Students will complete a two-semester sequence in Python programming, as well as basic web design and calculus. The minor also gives students freedom to explore other aspects of computer science through two elective courses with the computer science and information technology curricula.

You will complete 4 required courses in programming, web design, and calculus, as well as two electives in computer science and/or IT.

Required Courses include:

  • Programming for Everyone I and II 
  • Web Development 
  • Calculus I or Applied Calculus 
  • Two CS or IT electives, including App Development, C Programming, Data Structures, Algorithms, Introduction to R, Database Management Systems, or Basic Applied Statistics 

Designed for the biotech working professional who is looking to effect change in the health sector, our Quality Control and Assurance Certificate program offers a pathway to new and impactful career paths in healthcare and the life science fields. Designed in partnership with industry leaders, this online certificate will equip you with employable skills that you can take into the workforce at any time.

  • Gain knowledge of therapeutic and medical device life cycle management
  • Learn how financial risk and regulations play a part in discovering and developing healthcare and medical products.
  • Understand the integration of supply chain management and how it intersects with the healthcare sector 
Credits required:

12 credits

Cost per credit: 


Time to completion:

As few as 8 months


100% online

  • Quality Assurance in Health Sector
  • Pharmaceutical Business Lifecycle Management
  • Supply Chain Management in Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Financial Processes & Risk in Pharmaceutical Industry

Pittsburgh, a force in the biotech industry

The Pittsburgh Region, already known for its innovation and excellence in healthcare, is now a force in the biotech industry, one of the fastest-growing fields in the country. Here at Carlow, innovation is what drives us. We are partnering with industry leaders who share a vision for the future of Pittsburgh to provide solutions to meet the next great need.

“As an industry expert- Pittsburgh is committed to building the infrastructure needed to support those working in the biomedical and life science fields.”

Patrick Bailey, BioTech Professional

If you are interested in this certificate program, our Admissions team is available to answer any questions or assist you with the next steps.

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Get your college career off to a great start!

Discover the pathway that may be best for you in pursuit of an undergraduate degree at Carlow University.

Ugandan boat ride
Experience campus living
Experience campus living
Engage in a variety of direct service-learning projects
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Welcome to a unique, first-semester educational opportunity that helps you in getting to know yourself better, while helping others. The Carlow faculty have designed this immersive experience so you immediately can apply your learnings in real-world settings to make a meaningful impact. In addition to core curriculum courses that you can apply to most majors, you will spend 4 weeks abroad in Uganda.

Quick facts

  • Experience campus living and a structured self-reflection learning program focused on reinvigorating your passions and your purpose in life 
  • Serve alongside your peers, through service-learning projects in the fields of education, healthcare, social justice and more  
  • Benefit from onsite counseling to help you discover and process your strengths, interests and skills throughout your experience
  • Minister to the needs of Ugandans, igniting your global perspective of the ways in which you can best serve yourself and the world around you
A woman holding a Ugandan child, both are smiling.
Doctor consulting her female patient. Patient and doctor sitting in office. Diagnostic, prevention of women diseases, healthcare, medical service, consultation or education, healthy lifestyle concept

On-campus discovery and preparation

You will begin your self-discovery living on Carlow University’s charming, urban campus in the heart of Pittsburgh’s exciting Oakland area.

  • First semester courses can be applied to most Carlow undergraduate majors.
  • You will be part of a living/learning community on campus during your first semester.
  • Service-learning projects will occur locally and internationally.
  • A residency fee, billed by Carlow, includes round-trip travel on major U.S. carriers, accommodations, meals, activities, and project materials.
  • Financial aid and scholarships may be available for eligible students.

Get Your College Career Off to a Great Start

If you are interested in the Discovery Program, complete this form or contact Global Center Director, Susan O’Rourke, at slorourke@carlow.edu or +1 (412) 578-2054.

Service Learning in Uganda (30 days)

Apply what you learned, sharpen your problem-solving skills and make positive contributions through service and volunteer opportunities at Ugandan schools and health care clinics.

One of your guides and mentors abroad will be Global Center Director, Susan O’Rourke. She has led study abroad programs for decades and is committed to helping you become immersed in the Ugandan culture with amazing moments and adventures. Alongside Susan will be a counselor available to students, both are trained in healthy relationships, stress management practices and study-abroad protocols.

  • Volunteer (provide tutoring and engage in fun learning activities) at Noah’s Ark School for Children with Disabilities in Entebbe
  • Participate in service projects (plant orchards and tend to school gardens) for Bright Kids Uganda on Lake Victoria Island
  • Serve (provide instruction and adapt learning materials for children with disabilities) at Silver Memorial Inclusive Community Learning Center (SMILE) in Opucet
  • Assist with vision assessments and distribution of donated eye glasses for seniors and school children
Two adults conduct an eye exam for a Ugandan woman. They are sitting pointing at a piece of white paper.
Three adults; one Ugandan and two women walk along a dirt road talking together.

Meet a New Culture

  • Hear inspiring life stories from locals, young and old; learn about their history including the effects of living as a British colony and subsequent years of conflict
  • Become familiar with local customs and their challenges
  • Interact with people living in remote villages without access to electricity, clean water, phones or computers
  • Prepare, taste and eat authentic Ugandan food 

Take amazing adventures

  • Visit the source of the Nile River and go white water rafting 
  • Take a hike to the tallest waterfall in eastern Africa, Sipi Falls 
  • Observe animals in their natural habitat on a three-day safari 
  • Visit Chimpanzee Island
Three women and one man stand on top of a rock flexing their muscles. A waterfall is behind them.
A Carlow student holds a Ugandan reptile in a field near a river.
Olivia Miller, ’21, biology major and runner on the track & field/cross country team.

An impactful experience

Get Your College Career Off to a Great Start

If you are interested in the Discovery Program, complete this form or contact Global Center Director, Susan O’Rourke, at slorourke@carlow.edu or +1 (412) 578-2054.

Susan O'Rourke
Susan O’Rourke, Faculty, Education, Education & Liberal Studies, Thursday, September 2, 2021. (Rebecca Droke/Carlow University)

Susan O’Rourke, EdD
Global Center Director

Global Center Director, Susan O’Rourke has been working in Uganda for 10 years (since 2012). She has personally selected the comfortable and secure living facilities for the Uganda service-learning program and prearranged secure transportation through established partners in Uganda. Dr. O’Rourke has developed experiential learning and service projects through established partnerships and non-government organizations (NGOs).

Partners such as:

  • Noah’s Ark School for Children with Disabilities
  • Bright Kids Uganda
  • Silver Memorial Inclusive Community Learning Center (SMILE)
  • Prime Tower Primary School

If you are interested in the Discovery program, and have questions, email us or give us a call. We’re here to help!

Regardless of your coding or programming experience, our BS in Computer Science program is designed to help you become the computer scientist you want to be. Developed in part with Google’s collaboration, our curriculum will help you develop the front-end and back-end skills employers are looking for right now.

An integral part of your computer science education will consist of three, project-based modules each presented in a logical sequence so that you can easily understand computer programming.

Our personalized, hands-on learning environment is designed to help you graduate and succeed with a degree in computer science.

Computer Scientists love their job

Computer science touches almost every industry, including non-profit, business, tech and medical.


median salary for computer scientists


of Carlow undergraduates are employed within 6 months of graduation


top careers with the highest job satisfaction are in software development and computer science


Bachelor of Science


On campus, some online



Transfer Credits:

Varies per student

Our Google-endorsed, computer science curriculum is designed to equip you with employable skills that you can take into the workforce at any time. These include:

  • Coding and programming,
  • Web, app and user experience design,
  • Deployment & accessibility.

You will develop proficiency in Python, C Programming, HTML, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery and SQL. All are necessary to work in the computer science field as a front-end, back-end or full-stack developer.

The three modules

In total, you will complete three, project-based modules, each presented in a logical sequence so that you can easily understand computer programming.


Intro to Programming and App Development

You will gain a basic understanding of both front-end and back-end development


Advanced Programming and Algorithms (Back-end developer)

You will dive deeper into back-end development, advancing your programming skills and computer data knowledge


Advanced App Development and Web Design (Front-end developer)

You will dive deeper into front-end development, advancing your web design skills and user experience knowledge.

Throughout each module, you will put your knowledge and skill to work by completing multiple resume-boosting website and mobile application projects as well as a senior capstone project. Each project will culminate into an e-portfolio, a key interview tool in the computer science industry.

“Along with programming skills, the ability to write—and verbally convey ideas, processes and qualifications—is near the top of almost any company’s list of desirable qualifications.” — Lem Diaz, Google Ventures

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Become the computer scientist you want to be

Did you know that you can increase your career opportunities with a degree in computer science? At Carlow, we design career pathways to provide you with the skill and knowledge you need to do exactly what you want to do. You can explore a variety of majors, minors and specializations to add to your computer science major.

Computer Science + Business Management

Product Manager

Computer Science + Information Technology

Database Administrator
Computer Support Specialist

Computer Science + Art

Web Designer
Content Designer

Computer Science + Science

Research Assistant
Computational Biologist or Chemist

Computer Science + Data Analytics

Data Scientist
Data Analyst

Computer Science + Psychology

User Experience Designer
Content Designer

  • Submit an application for admission. It is free to apply. 
  • Request that official transcripts from all current and previous institutions you’ve attended are sent directly to the Carlow University Office of Admissions. 


Start term:

Fall 2023

Ericka Mochan
Ericka Mochan, Program Director, Data Analytics , Analytical, Physical & Social Sciences Thursday, September 2, 2021. (Rebecca Droke/Carlow University)

“I invite you to discover the new Computer Science program at Carlow University! We would love to help you become the computer scientist you want to be. Through our rigorous Google-certified curriculum, you’ll gain the design and programming skills that employers are looking for. You’ll do meaningful work with teams of students to develop innovative and creative solutions to challenging problems. Our program is focused on real-world applications and projects in app development and web design that will enhance your resume and impress future employers. Remember, at Carlow, we believe in making the possible probable, and we will be with you every step of the way.”

Ericka Mochan, PhD

Program Director for Computer Science, Associate Professor and Program Director, Mathematics and Data Analytics
Program Director for Computer Science, Associate Professor and Program Director, Mathematics and Data Analytics

If you are interested in this major, our Admissions team is available to help you with the next steps, including scheduling an on-campus visit or attending an upcoming event.

Carlow University’s Computer Science program was developed in partnership with the LCMC and Rize Education, who received the collaboration of Google to build a program centered on the hard-skills that companies are looking for. Most importantly, the program leverages project-based learning and allows students the opportunity to create portfolios that they can showcase to prospective employers.

Zamboni, Beth

Education PhD, Biostatistics, University of PittsburghMS, Biostatistics, Harvard University, BostonBS, Statistics, University of Pittsburgh Research Statistical consultant, work with more than 80 DNP students at Carlow University on the development … Continued

Weiss, Ryan

Education Postdoctoral researcher, Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pa.PhD, Organic Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa.BA, Chemistry, Biology, Wittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio Research Application of organic synthesis to the … Continued

Surlow, Beth

Education PhD, Biology, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pa.BS, Biochemistry, University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio Research National Science Foundation grant, “Supporting Undergraduate STEM Graduation and Career Pathways Through Student and Faculty Learning … Continued

Romesberg, Amy

Education PhD, Molecular Pharmacology, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa.BS, Biology, Bethany College, Bethany, W.Va. Research Neuropharmacology Molecular biology DNA repair Mitochondrial dysfunction Publications Nadkarni, A., Furda, A., Rajesh, C., McInnes, … Continued

Jacqmin, Nancy

Dr. Nancy E. Jacqmin is Special Assistant to the Provost (since 2015) and a tenured Associate Professor of Mathematics as well as the new Director of Course Scheduling and Analytics … Continued
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