PhD, Molecular Pharmacology, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa.
BS, Biology, Bethany College, Bethany, W.Va.


  • Neuropharmacology
  • Molecular biology
  • DNA repair
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction


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Awards & Recognition

  • Presentation of doctoral research at Translational Research in Mitochondria, Aging and Disease Symposia, 2011
  • University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh, 2010-2011
  • Departmental Fellowship, Pharmacology and Chemical Biology, University of Pittsburgh, 2008-2009
  • NIH Predoctoral Training Grant in Pharmacological Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, 2007-2008
  • Selected to give a poster presentation entitled “Using the blarg to assess student understanding of basic neurophysiology” at the Neuroscience Teaching conference, NC 2022

Professional Memberships 

  • Association of College and University Biology Educators 
  • Carlow Neuroscience IONM Program Advisory Committee
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