Carlow University’s Class Ambassadors Program is looking for alumni volunteers to work with each graduating class. Volunteers will help increase alumni engagement and financial support at events and reunions.

As a liaison between the community and university, you would:

  • Share news with classmates
  • Recruit attendance for reunions and other events
  • Initiate non-university events

You would also help find alumni leaders and volunteers in your area, as well as garner financial support for the Carlow Fund.

Three alumni laughing around a table together at their alumni council meeting.

Ambassadors are asked to maintain a current profile at Carlow Connect, where they will lead and manage their class group.

Class Ambassadors are required to make an annual financial gift of any amount and network with former classmates through email, telephone, social media, letter writing and events. The yearly commitment includes attending at least three meetings and/or conference calls.

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