A diverse, inclusive community, Carlow University is rooted in the traditions of the Catholic faith and the vision and values of our founders, the Sisters of Mercy.

Carlow Identity

Driven by our mission, we prepare our students to embrace the challenges of today’s world. Emboldened by  academic excellence, individualized attention by dedicated faculty and a strong values-driven foundation, they are well prepared to enter or upskill in the workforce with proficiencies in their respective fields as highly effective, ethical leaders.

Heritage & Mission

Graduates of Mercy institutions are informed and shaped intellectually, socially and spiritually through a faith-inspired education. The academic study of the liberal arts and sciences and mastery of professional disciplines enable our graduates to be responsible leaders in their communities and professions.

Mercy & Justice

Informed by a commitment to mercy and justice in the world, Carlow University recognizes the dignity of the human person and promotes compassion and justice toward those less fortunate through action and education.

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