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What services does Grace Library offer?

Librarians can help you find the material you need via research support, answer questions about your research, and help you find scholarly books and articles. The library is committed to the principles of information literacy and access to the world of scholarly communication.

What resources does Grace Library have?

Grace Library has tens of thousands of books on a range of subjects, 50 databases filled with digital resources, scholarly journals, open educational resources, interlibrary loan services and research guides, plus computers and spaces for studying, relaxing or working on group projects.

For more information on library policies and procedures, view or download the Grace Library Policy and Procedure Manual.

Can I get my textbooks at the library?

No, the library does not purchase textbooks or get them for students through interlibrary loan.

When are my books due?

You will be given the due date when checking out books. Books are usually due the last day of classes of the current semester, not the last day of finals week.

Library Bill

I got a bill from the library. Why did this happen?

If you do not return a book by the due date, it is assumed lost, and you will receive a bill for replacement plus a processing fee. When checking out books, you will be informed of the due date and will receive email reminders to return books. For more information, view or download the Library Policy Manual [pdf].

Where can I pay my library bills?

You can pay your library bills at the Student Hub, on the second floor of Antonian Hall.

Finding resources

I need a book or article, and Grace Library doesn’t have it. Now what?

Grace Library can get most books and articles for you through interlibrary loan (ILL). This process may take several weeks or months, however, so make sure to plan ahead.

Check out the “searching other libraries” tutorial to see how you can request an interlibrary loan, or fill out an ILL form. You will receive an email at your Carlow email address with an electronic copy of your article, or to let you know when physical items are ready for pick up. 

I need an article I found online, but the publisher wants me to pay for it. I don’t want to pay to access it. What should I do?

Check with the library first. You can usually get an article at no cost by searching on the Grace Library homepage or through interlibrary loan. To get started, fill out an Ask A Librarian form or stop in.  

How do I find full text articles for my research?

You can search the library’s digital and print resources using the “articles” tab in the library search box on the Grace Library homepage, or search a database through the library’s A-Z Databases page. Grace Library also has some journals in print. Ask a librarian for help.

See the Using the Library Search & Discovery research guide for more advanced tutorials on finding full text resources.

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