Officially Report Sexual Misconduct

The Jeanne Clery Campus Security Policy & Crime Statistics Disclosure Act requires Carlow University to specify those individuals on campus to whom crimes should be reported. Those designated as Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) are legally responsible to report all crimes reported to them to University Police. Carlow University policy and expectation is that all faculty and staff will report any crimes of which they become aware so as to safeguard the welfare of the community. Additionally, any community member is encouraged to report crimes through one of the individuals or mechanisms outlined below.

The law recognizes four categories of CSAs:

  • University police;
  • Non-police security (normally not used at Carlow);
  • Individuals with significant responsibility for student and campus activities;
  • Others designated by the institution as people to whom crimes should be reported.

Title IX Responsible Employees

Title IX requires the University to specify those individuals to whom it is appropriate to report incidents of Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct. Responsible Employees under Title IX are defined as any employee:

  • Who has the authority to take action to redress sexual misconduct;
  • Who has been given the duty of reporting incidents of sexual misconduct or any other misconduct by students to the Title IX Coordinator or other appropriate designee;
  • Who a student reasonably believes has this authority or duty.

Carlow University has designated the following individuals as Campus Security Authorities under the Clery Act and Responsible Employees under Title IX. The list is the same. Anyone who witnesses, experiences, or learns of a crime, or any form of sexual misconduct, on our campus should immediately report it to one of these individuals.

PositionPersonnelContact Number
Title IX Coordinator/Director of Disabilities ServicesJackie Smith+1 (412) 578-6050
Vice President of Student AffairsTim Phillips+1 (412) 578-6087
Provost/Vice President for Academic AffairsSibdas Ghosh+1 (412) 578-6543
Carlow Administrator- CranberryShannon Agredo+1 (412) 578-6383
Carlow Administrator- GreensburgKate Throckmorton+1 (724) 838-7399
Assistant Dean of Student AffairsErin Boyles+1 (412) 578-8774
Director of Residence LifeKeith Cerroni+1 (412) 578-8776
Graduate Resident DirectorsCatherine CallanJessica Stormoen 
Resident Assistant Staff (all individuals)All students 
Chief of Police     Corrin Culhane+1 (412) 578-8898
University Police (all personnel)9 officers4 communications officers 
Director of AthleticsGeorge Sliman+1 (412) 578-8826
Assistant Vice President – Human Resources, Diversity & InclusionBridgette Cofield+1 (412) 578-8897
Dean of the College of Health and WellnessLynn George+1 (412) 578-6115
Dean of the College of Arts and SciencesMatthew Gordley+1 (412) 578-6262

The following individuals are specifically not designated as CSAs because they fall within the exemption for pastoral and professional counselors when acting in the scope of that role. However, these individuals are also trained in the responsibilities of a CSA and are strongly encouraged to report any crimes of which they become aware:

PositionPersonnelContact Number
Special Assistant to the President for Mercy HeritageSister Sheila Carney+1 (412) 578-6424
Campus MinisterSiobhan DeWitt+1 (412) 578-6651
ChaplainFr. Paul Merkovsky+1 (412) 578-6651
Executive Director of Health and Counseling ServicesDr. Angela Harrington+1 (412) 578-6474
University Mental Health CounselorsHeidi LeibovichNicole Lacy+1 (412) 578-6474
Director of Health ServicesCarla Bergamasco+1 (412) 578-6174

Campus Security Authorities are given annual training in their responsibilities, as are those designated under the pastoral and professional counselor exception. If you have any questions about Campus Security Authorities or Title IX Responsible Employees, please contact:

Jacqueline M. Smith

Title IX Coordinator

Phone: +1 (412) 578-6050


Additional Off-Campus Resources

  • Magee Women’s Hospital (300 Halket Street, Pittsburgh), Phone: +1 (866)-MyMagee
  • UPMC Mercy (1400 Locus Street, Pittsburgh), Phone: +1 (412) 232-8111
  • Pittsburgh Action Against Rape (PAAR) 24-hour confidential hotline: +1 (866) END-RAPE or +1(412) 431-5665
  • Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN), Phone: +1 (800) 656-4673
  • The Investigations Bureau of the Pittsburgh City, Phone: 911 or +1 (412) 323-7141
  • Women’s Center and Shelter, 24-hour hotline: +1 (412) 687-8005 or 24-hour text: +1 (412) 744-8445

Individuals experiencing harassment or discrimination also always have the right to file a formal grievance with government authorities:

Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Western Region

Dr. Teresa R. Randleman, Regional Manager

301 Fifth Avenue

Suite 410, Platt Place Pittsburgh, PA 15222-1210

Phone: +1 (412) 565-7607


U.S. Department of Justice

Phone: +1 (202) 514-4092 or Toll-free: +1 (877) 292-3804

Facsimile: +1 (202) 514-8337


If an incident involves alleged misconduct by the Title IX Coordinator, reports should be made directly to:

Bridgette Cofield

Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, Diversity, & Inclusion

Phone: +1 (412) 578-8897


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