Statement by Carlow University President Dr. Kathy Humphrey on Pope Benedict XVI

PITTSBURGH – January 2, 2023. Carlow University joins millions of Catholics and people of faith across the globe in mourning the passing of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

While remembered in the US for visiting ground zero in New York to pray for the victims of the September 11th attacks, and for being the first Pope to visit a Jewish place of worship in America, he also had deep roots in Catholic higher education, having spent much of his career prior to the papacy in academia. In 2008, he gave a historic address to leaders of Catholic colleges and universities at The Catholic University of America in which he reaffirmed the importance of Catholicism in higher education, particularly for its commitment to the underserved populations such as immigrants, Native Americans, and Black Americans.

We pray for the soul of Benedict, for his successor Pope Francis, and for the entire Catholic community on the last day of 2022, and hope that in 2023, Carlow and our fellow Catholic colleges and universities continue to fulfill our mission in accordance with Benedict’s vision.

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