Find your law and criminal justice degree at Carlow

You will learn to understand crime and law when you choose one of Carlow University’s criminal law and justice degree programs. You will delve into the concept of law, the types and measurements of crime, criminal behavior theories, the U.S. criminal justice system, law enforcement, and the courts. Accelerated options are available.

Find your nursing degree at Carlow

Make an impact with a nursing degree from Carlow University. Learn what you need to know to help others, whether you’re a pre-licensure student, seeking a second degree BSN or on the path to a Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree. Carlow is central to Pittsburgh’s vibrant and varied health care community. You can also take classes at suburban Greensburg and Cranberry campuses. Many courses are available online as well.

Virtual Tour: Carlow University Nursing programs

Find your education degree at Carlow

Whether your interest is in art education, childhood development or special education, Carlow University’s education programs will prepare you for a successful career and professional licensure. You’ll learn from national experts in the field and get hands-on experience with local apprenticeship programs and at Carlow’s Campus Laboratory School. If you’re an established educator, you can further your career with a variety of graduate and certificate programs. Education courses are offered in a combination of on campus and online formats.

Find your English and Communications degree at Carlow

You can prepare for a career in media, public relations, marketing or nonprofit in Carlow University’s English and communications programs. You will learn how to communicate effectively and read literature critically and cultivate highly sought after skills such as creative and critical thinking and interpersonal communication. You can specialize your communications studies with a focus on advocacy and social change, digital media or organizational management.

Find your healthcare degree at Carlow

Carlow University’s healthcare degree programs will help you learn how to become a good leader and teach you the skills needed to provide the best in patient care. You’ll master skills highly sought after by employers.

Find your Accounting degree at Carlow

You will be a valuable asset to employers in almost any industry with an accounting degree from Carlow University. You will learn what you need to know to pass the Certified Public Accountant exam while obtaining real-world experience with an internship or practicum in greater Pittsburgh’s vibrant business community. The accounting and forensic accounting programs are offered at undergraduate and graduate levels in traditional as well as accelerated formats.  

Find your Art & Design degree at Carlow

You can develop your artistic skill in the studio or lab with one of our on-campus art and design degrees. During your undergraduate or graduate studies you can pursue the art and design track of your choice while developing your 2D or 3D skills. You will graduate with a professional portfolio of work.

Find your business & management degree at Carlow

You can learn the necessary skills to pursue a career in business and management with a degree from Carlow University. You will gain an understanding of today’s global business environment and management principles, concepts and applications. Business programs are accredited by the IABCE. Management degrees are offered in areas such as human resources, leadership, project and health care. A bachelor’s degree in Business Management can be completed in three years.

Find your data analytics degree at Carlow

You can develop your career as a data analyst with one of Carlow University’s data analytics programs. You will cultivate data interpretation and data analysis skills and learn how to communicate your findings and drive an organization’s growth.

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