Two $225k education grants to help Carlow support educators of color

PITTSBURGH – Carlow University’s education department is the recipient of two separate $225,000 grants to fund their “Power of One” project, aimed at providing teacher certification for educators of color. Awarded respectively by the McElhattan Foundation and the Grable Foundation, the award will specifically benefit a strategic partnership between the University and the nearby Sto-Rox school district.

The two grants will allow Carlow to partner with Sto-Rox to diversify Pittsburgh’s teacher pipeline, allowing for a more seamless and supportive degree pathway for initial teacher certification for Black and Indigenous people of color (BIPOC). With this grant funding, Carlow anticipates a total of 18 teachers to be certified.

“We are incredibly grateful for the support of these two foundations to support diversity among teachers,” said Keely Baronak, chair of Carlow University’s education department. “The Power of One project will have a tangible impact on increasing the number of educators of color in a district where 73% of students identify as Black and multi-racial and further solidify the already strong relationship between Carlow and Sto-Rox.”

The “Power of One” highlights the power of one teacher or educator of color to positively impact the trajectory of a child’s life. For those who already have four-year degrees, the MEd pathway provides a $12,000 scholarship with supports leading to teacher certification and a master’s degree. If an individual has some undergraduate education or an associate’s degree, the transfer pathway provides a special adult tuition rate, partial scholarship and support and evening/online classes for full-time workers. Other BIPOC community members from around Pittsburgh may also complete the MEd and initial teacher certification with some of the practicum experiences at Sto-Rox School District.

“The Power of One project is a great opportunity not only for the students of the Sto-Rox School District but also for the community of Sto-Rox,” said Frank Dalmas, superintendent of Sto-Rox. “The Power of One provides career opportunities for our students and professional growth to our local residents who in turn want to give back to the children of the Sto-Rox Community. I can’t express my appreciation enough for all the individuals at Carlow University who support our school and community and go the extra mile for us.”

The opportunity is a boon to the already strong relationship between Carlow and Sto-Rox. The school district will provide continuing full-time employment throughout the length of the program for Power of One participants with certain higher education degrees but no teaching certification.

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