College Leadership is Diversifying, but Pittsburgh-area Presidents Say More Work Needs to be Done.

When Kathy Humphrey was being sworn into office during her early 2022 inauguration, it didn’t immediately occur to her that she was becoming Carlow University’s first Black president.

It wasn’t until she received a note from an African American woman detailing the impact of her appointment that Ms. Humphrey began to realize that she had another calling in addition to being a leader and driving change amongst different generations.

“That note took me to a very different place and it just reminded me that in addition to doing my work I also have to be cognizant at all times, that indeed I have to be a symbol of hope,” Ms. Humphrey said, for other Black women, people of color and “for anybody who’s different.”

Diversity among college leaders has increased over the past decade as more women and people of color are named to the top spots. But while several local leaders, including Ms. Humphrey, have seen the change firsthand from when they first entered the profession, they agree that more work needs to be done to ensure that everybody has a seat at the table.

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