ChatGPT could turn writing into ‘technical Mad Libs.’ But could it also spark needed change in higher ed?

Sigrid King, English program director, at Carlow University was interviewed [by Public Source] along with several other Pittsburgh-area professors who are trying to embrace AI in the classroom rather than resist the new wave of technology.

…Across the country and in Pittsburgh, universities and professors are wrestling with students’ potential use of artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT, which can rapidly produce essays and other written materials in response to prompts. Though they have questions and concerns about the technology discouraging original thought, several English and writing professors told PublicSource that AI could also spur improvements in teaching and learning.

“If AI can produce an essay because there’s so much out there already on that topic, and it’s a good, factually sound essay on that topic, well-written — do we need to be pushing ourselves to take a fresh approach?” said Sigrid King, director of Carlow University’s English program…

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Photo caption: Sigrid King, English program director at Carlow University, navigates AI software ChatGPT in her office on Wednesday, Jan. 25th, 2023. (Photo by Amaya Lobato-Rivas/PublicSource)

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