How Occupational Therapy Helps Autistic Patients

There are many ways occupational therapy helps autistic patients. This can be through creating personalized programs for the patient and outlining ways family members can support better communication at home or elsewhere.

Teaching Ethics In Stem Education

STEM education prepares students to be the world’s future problem solvers. But real-world issues require ethical deliberations. Read more about how teachers are helping STEM students develop their ethical decision-making skills.

Reasons To Become A Specialized Nurse

Becoming a nurse in a specialty that closely matches your personality, preferences, and experience may offer career satisfaction and fulfillment. And eventually lead to a higher salary and career advancement.

Importance of Non-Technical Skills For Physical Therapists

Physical therapists support patients physically and emotionally. To be fully prepared to take on the role of a physical therapist, their education and training should focus on developing soft skills and patient-centered care.

How Counseling Improves Self Esteem

Self-esteem is the sense of personal worth and ability and can affect all aspects of our lives. Counselors can help people struggling with low self-esteem, contributing to improved health and well-being.

Increasing Literacy In Pennsylvania Schools

As Pennsylvania embarks on a state-wide initiative to increase literacy, new competencies are being developed so educators can effectively teach reading to students in pre-K-12 schools.
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