How to Become a Physical Therapist

Becoming a physical therapist entails hard work and dedication. Those who are interested in entering the field need to be aware of the education, time, and steps required to successfully launch a career as a physical therapist.

How Technology-Based Assessments Aid Student Learning

While the pandemic put focus on technology in education, tech tools and applications have long been used in the classroom. Now, teachers are using technology to assess students abilities and learning needs.

Why Storytelling is a Critical Data Analytics Skill

Data storytelling is a way to communicate insights using a combination of data, visuals, and narrative. Data analysts extract patterns and through storytelling, they can convey information that helps with decision-making.

Travel Nursing Amid Changing Care Needs

Demand for health care workers surged during the height of the COVID-19 crisis. Travel nurses, in particular, were put in the spotlight as they met the need to treat severely … Continued

Master’s in Physician Assistant: Why Telemedicine is Here to Stay

Telemedicine is redefining the relationship between patients and doctors, physician assistants, and other healthcare providers. While its use spiked during the pandemic, acceptance of the technology has been trending upward for years.
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