Carlow University Students Share Holocaust Trip Experiences

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Photos from Spring Break Trip Will Be on Display at East End Neighborhood Employment Center

Pittsburgh, Pa. – Photographs by 11 Carlow University undergraduate students, who spent their Spring Break touring Holocaust sites in Europe will be on display at the Eastside Neighborhood Employment Center, 5321 Penn Avenue, Garfield, on Friday, May 2, from 6 to 9 pm, as part of the Penn Avenue Arts Initiative, Unblurred.

The Carlow students participated in “Never Again:  A Holocaust Remembrance Tour,” a ten-day trip through Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic that was part of a semester-long program that sought to understand both the Nazi rationale for the mass extermination of 12 million people – including six million Jews – and also shed light on the other categories of people persecuted and murdered during the Holocaust.  As part of the program, students connected to the Pittsburgh Jewish community through various tours and service projects.

“The goal of this program was local to global,” said Garrett Margliotti, MEd, director of the Center for Global Learning at Carlow.  “The Holocaust is not something that is lost in history, and this trip was to have our students learn about what occurred and remember it, so nothing like it ever happens again.”

As part of the class and trip, the students knew that they would have the opportunity to share some of their experiences through their photographs of the trip.  As soon as they saw the various sites, they knew that words alone would not suffice.

“There are no words in any book that can describe what I’ve seen,” said Jamie Fair, a junior mathematics major.

Witnessing the scene of the Holocaust, left an impact on every student, and left more than one with a new outlook on his or her own life.

“I have always been a bystander,” said Angelica Bondy, a senior art/art history major.  “I am now going to be more vocal on what I think is right or wrong, even in my own community.  You can make a big difference if you get involved.”

To a person, they feel the Holocaust should be remembered so similar events never happen again.

“This experience gives me some hope that maybe we can change things,” said Bryan Pierce, a junior majoring in forensic accounting, who believes every student should take this trip.  “Like the saying goes, ‘Change is with one small random act of kindness at a time.’  This trip impacted me.  If I take that with me – if people see a change in me and I’m more willing to help – maybe that will make a difference.”

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