Carlow University Special Education Professor Receives CEC Racial Justice Grant

Carlow University’s Milsha Reid, PhD, assistant professor of special education, was awarded a 2023 Racial Justice Grant from the Center for Exceptional Children (CEC). 

The CEC’s Racial Justice Grant, which was announced in late April, encourages and supports work focused on addressing the issues related to the ongoing racial disparities in educational experiences, opportunities, and outcomes for individuals with disabilities from minoritized racial groups. 

The grant that Dr. Reid received will support the next generation of special education professionals through a pilot project titled “Beyond with Books.” This project will provide support to pre-service teachers attending Carlow University. The pre-service teachers will be provided a professional learning space and are charged to deeply engage in robust discussions and texts regarding racism, whiteness, ableism, gender, and culture. 

“Given, the racial disparities in special education it is critical that pre-service teachers have a space to wrestle with the permeance of institutionalized racism in policies and practices impacting students living at the intersection of race and disability,” said Dr. Reid, who was one of four awardees to receive the grant.  

The CEC’s Racial Justice Grant provides up to $1,000 to be used for initiatives that engage practitioners, children or youth and their families, or other stakeholders in support of students with disabilities from minoritized racial groups.

Dr. Reid is finishing her first year as a special education faculty member at Carlow. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, she is managing the Education department’s social media feeds. 

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